September Night Photography Challenge [IP79]

In this episode Jim and Darin challenge the Improve Photography community to photograph any structure at night.  Other notable photographers' work is discussed to inspire more people to shoot at night. Jim and Darin recognize a PhotoClasses.com student for his wonderful work capturing images at night.

What's in this episode

  • A challenge to the Improve Photography community to photograph any structure at night in September.
  • Reviewing the article:  11 Essential Tips for Shooting a Night Landscape by Rusty Parkhurst.
  • The Improve Photography Lens Finder, which will lovingly be called:  The Lens Nerd.
  • Discussion of the inspirational work from both Michael Frye and Jim Goldstein.

Resources Mentioned

22 thoughts on “September Night Photography Challenge [IP79]”

    1. Hello Manu and Gary!

      I just joined the podcast with Jim and we are working on the sound quality issues. For some reason it is not coming in as clear as anyone would like. Our goal is to always provide a consistently high quality podcast and we will stop at nothing to restore the sound quality in subsequent episodes. We think we have nailed down what is causing the issue is and hopefully you will notice an improvement very soon. Thank you so much for being fans and for caring enough to bring this to our attention.

  1. A quick question about the challenge. Do we have to take the pictures in September, or can I take them this weekend and then post them in September?

    1. This is a challenge for all photographers to get out there and try something new or improve upon their ability to take night photography shots. With that being said we would prefer the shots to be taken in the month of September and will be looking at the metadata as well. – We realize metadata can be removed, but we have faith in the I.P. Community to be honest about when their photos were captured for this contest and upcoming contests. Great question Tim!

      1. I am still try to figure out who to post picture of September Photo challenge. Please let me know how to do it?


  2. What happened to the sound quality of the podcast over the last two episodes? It is very staticy and quiet.

  3. I’m really excited. I’m new-ish to the website and this will be the first challenge I can participate in! On top of that I’ve never done a night shoot before. I’m too excited even. Lol

    1. Good luck Salle! We are just as excited to have you as a fan! We also have some awesome resources on the Improve Photography site, which you might find helpful in capturing images at night.

  4. hey i put a photo up on google+ but i have never used it before so i don’t know if im doing it right i just “tagged” you in it or what ever they call it

  5. I don’t get it, if you need more than a 30 second exposure why can’t you just use the bulb mode?
    I use a cheap rf release, one push opens the shutter the next push closes the shutter.

    1. It only has to be in the photo to your liking. We kept it vague to allow photographers interpret how much they want the structure to impact the interest level on the shot.

  6. Darin,

    Is there anyway to remove the lip smacking sounds from your mic. Everyone does it, but unfortunately it gets under my skin when it is that prominent. Welcome to the Podcast though!

    1. Thank you for the warm welcome and I will definitely take a look at the sound check. Can you please listen to IP 80 to see if it is better in that one? We made some pretty big changes when recording that episode and I want to see if it is still present. Thank you for the constructive feedback.

  7. OH – I took a photo earlier this year and re-edited it for this competition as one of the prizes is for Post Processing – Maybe I’ll have to go try again then – oh well.

  8. Just a couple comments on topics you mentioned. I’m a little behind in the podcasts, so not sure you are still checking comments.

    First, for the long exposure issue. Try the triggertrap app. You can do all kinds of things with a simple dongle. It triggers your camera based on facial recognition, sound, can be used as intervalometer , etc.

    For a light meter, there are plenty of apps that don’t require buying a bulky piece of plastic. Just tape a peice of paper over the front camera and calibrate the app. Instant incident light meter.

    Last thing. I tried Fracture prints on glass, and they are bad. The color reproduction is poor. They gave me a lame excuse about not being able to print light colors, and I should choose darker photos to print. You can see an example on my website (http://www.jeffcarpenter.photography/Blog/Fracture-Review).

    1. Thanks for the comments, Jeff. Always appreciated.

      Bummer that your Fracture print didn’t turn out. The one that I ordered turned out BEAUTIFUL–much better than I expected. I looked at your blog and you’re right. That didn’t turn out well at all! Did they offer any refund?

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