3 Products You Don’t Want & a Few You Definitely Want [IP78]

In this episode Jim sits down again with Darin Mellor to discuss new photography products.  Jim and Darin shed light on some upcoming products to be released at Photokina in Germany.  This episode covers products out on the market or rumored for release.

What's in this episode

  • Decisions about whether upcoming products are worth the money.
  • The future of photography's cameras, frame rates, video.
  • Cell phone technology advancing the industry from the bottom up.

Resources Mentioned

2 thoughts on “3 Products You Don’t Want & a Few You Definitely Want [IP78]”

  1. Why get something like Lytro? Sure it might be fun. But, if a photographer is an artist, shouldn’t he or she be the one to define the focal point?

  2. This is my first time here, so I am a bit confused. If you are talking about equipment, wouldn’t it be better to make a video and show the equipment instead of just naming products? I could find no video–just audio. I would rather just read about the equipment rather than have to sit and listen to people talking about “pull this thing out”, “you know, that thing over there”. Lost interest after the first 2 minutes.

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