Seeing Photography Differently [IP76]

In this episode I sit down with Mike Miceli, a full-time photographer and listener of the podcast.  Mike shares five tips for learning to see photography in a new way to break out of a creative rut.

What's in this episode

  • How changing your lens can help you to see things differently
  • How FORGETTING the moment can produce better pictures than trying to capture it
  • Doodads of the week

Doodads of the week


  • Fracture – Print your photos directly onto glass for a beautiful glossy finish, and you don't need to buy a frame!  Fracture is offering Improve Photography readers 15% off when you use offer code photosonglass15

5 thoughts on “Seeing Photography Differently [IP76]”

  1. Hey Jim, it took quite a lot of hunting to figure out how to play back this podcast. I found the tiny Play button in the right column eventually of course, but you should really make it stand out more. Put a big playback bar right underneath the title, or better still, make it look like a Youtube video..

  2. I might change over from the yn-560iii just for the focus lamp since the Sony a57 and when I upgrade to the a77ii doesn’t have a AF lamp I could have really used one last nigh

  3. Hey Jim. I’m having a lot of difficulty listening to your podcast on my android. I can’t move around in the file (forward, rewind etc.). I don’t have this problem in iTunes. Is there something about the file format that is not compatible?
    When I press the arrows to go back or forward, the player jumps to a random place, far from the 10 or 30 seconds I expect. ALL the other podcasts I listen to work fine and I have tried three different players.
    There have always been occasional problems with your files, even on my iPhone. Sometimes the file keeps playing even after it goes past the total published time length. And sometimes the last few minutes of your podcast repeat at the end of the podcast.
    Maybe this has something to do with changes you’ve made to include ads? I don’t know, but I cannot listen on my phone any longer (too aggravating) and I rarely fire up ITunes these days, so I will likely miss most or all of your content.
    I hope you understand I am only taking the time to write because I like your show.

    1. Very strange indeed. Is it only this episode, or all the episodes? I don’t THINK I’m doing anything weird with the files, but I definitely want to fix this.

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