Landscape Photography with Top Landscape Photographer Ian Plant [IP77]

In this episode I sit down (digitally) with someone who I consider one of the top landscape photographers in the world–Ian Plant. Ian travels the world taking breathtaking photos of landscapes and write about them on his popular website.

What's in this episode

  • How to forget about the location and focus on the moment–one of Ian's secrets to great landscapes
  • Why Ian doesn't use a camera bag at all for hiking with his gear
  • How to take great landscapes right at home–even if you live in a photography wasteland

Episode Sponsor

  • Fracture is a printing service that prints your photos directly on glass.  Use coupon code photosonglass15 to get 15% off, or coupon code worldphotoday20 for 20% off if you order on August 20 (World Photo Day).


4 thoughts on “Landscape Photography with Top Landscape Photographer Ian Plant [IP77]”

  1. Really enjoy the podcast! Can you please add me to your weekly email list?

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Guys, I can recommend a great rucksack for photography and hiking combined as I too have been searching what feels like all my life!
    I found the Jack Wolfskin Photopack Pro to tick all the boxes. Its the only one that is designed to cater for both aspects. Make sure you look at the latest Pro version though as the one before wasn’t quite as good in my opinion.

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