Learning Photography at Break-Neck Speed [IP73]

In IP Roundtable Podcast by Jim Harmer

In this episode of the podcast, Jim talks with Darin Mellor, a listener of the podcast who took some of Jim's online photography classes and eventually left his job 7 months ago to pursue photography full-time.

Darin shares what has worked for him to find clients, the techniques he is using to make saleable images, and the gear he has built up to run his business with.

What's in this episode

  • The steps Darin took to create a sustaining full-time photography business in 7 months
  • The gear that Darin chose to take on an extended photography trip to Europe–including his biggest regret!
  • When a cell phone can give your DSLR a run for its money

Doodads of the week


  • Squarespace – Squarespace is an awesome and SIMPLE way to create a photography portfolio website.  For a free trial and 10% off enter offer code “Improve” at checkout.

About the Author

Jim Harmer

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Jim Harmer is the founder of Improve Photography, and host of the popular Improve Photography Podcast. More than a million photographers follow him on social media, and he has been listed at #35 in rankings of the most popular photographers in the world. He blogs about how to start an internet business on IncomeSchool.com..