Getting Your Photography Noticed and Licensed [IP74]

Today I'm joined by a listener of the podcast, and an avid hobbyist photographer, Jeff Harmon.  In the episode we discuss the news around the industry this week about DxO, and the main topic of getting your work noticed and licensed.

What's in this episode

  • Thoughts on the popular DxO website, and if its camera reviews can be trusted
  • How to get your photography noticed and licensed

Doodads of the Week

7 thoughts on “Getting Your Photography Noticed and Licensed [IP74]”

  1. Reacting about the DXO part. Who said that you need to go to DXO only to buy a camera lol?

    I agree that rankings make no sense, but I think you’re overlooking the real strength of DXO Mark, i.e. the MEASUREMENTS tabs. They are testing many lenses on many bodies, at all apertures and for many parameters. Unless you read their review to this level of detail, everything is pretty useless. So really, check the tabs, and not only overall rankings. until I realized this I also thought DXO was just a bunch of nonsensical numbers ^^ Check it out for yourself!

    A real world example, I can see very clearly on their charts what level of sharpness my Zeiss 35mm f2 will produce on my Nikon D700 at full aperture, where will be the sweet spot, how is the chromatic aberration and the vignetting and how it compares to other 35mm at all apertures. It can tell me that given the limited resolution of my D700, I won’t see a huge increase in sharpness if I buy a more modern lens like the Sigma 35 1.4, but that if I buy a D600 it might be a different story, etc etc. Also, the tests for lenses I own with my different cameras are very accurate. If you read reviews made by photographers, you’ll often hear about lenses tested on bodies that aren’t yours, and that’s not so helpful. Anyway I still have to go to other websites to read about AF speed etc.

    Regarding cameras, I think you should read the ranking as an evaluation of the sensor, not the camera overall. And for the D810 vs 5DMarkIII, the D810 has an exceptional dynamic range, tones and color sensitivity at 50, 100, 200 ISO, but everything else is pretty much on par with the Canon! On the other side, if you check lenses, Canon often has better results than Nikon, so when it comes to choose a system, well… there are so many things to consider!

    All in all I think the overall rankings are just something of prestige and a commercial argument for the website, I also don’t like it. But if you look into the details and measurements for YOUR combo, you get a very good picture of what you can expect in the sensor/lens department, and it’s something I didn’t find anywhere else.

  2. JIm
    I’m bummed that you have removed the download buttons from the podcasts. I used to download the podcasts onto my phone and listen to them in the car or when mowing.

    Any chance of restoring the download buttons.

    Ed Buell

  3. Ed,

    the play button works as a download button, too. Just right-click the button and save the mp3 file. 🙂

  4. Regarding 500PX, you can search for images from the current iPhone app directly (Ver 2.7.1). In the app, go to Photos (click on the house icon then go to Photos), Click on Popular which will bring up a menu, Search will come up as the last line item.

  5. Rumpledshirtskin

    I think we’ve been “teased” in the last two podcasts that you’re going to release a lens review. I’m frothing in anticipation. I’ve been doing my own homework on lenses but I really would like to see your opinion before making any purchases.
    Thank you for all the free help/advice. It’s been a HUGE help for me.
    I’m going to take your Lightroom class in the next few months.

  6. Jim, can you post links to the websites of the guests you have on the podcast? Jeff mentioned his website on the podcast but I don’t see the link posted here. The same goes for episode 73 with Darin Mellor. His website was not listed in the notes.

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