Announcing the Finalists of the 2011 Portrait Photographer of the Year Competition

CLICK HERE to view the PDF that lists the finalists and semi-finalists in the 2011 Portrait Photographer of the Year Competition.

The competition was steep with over 215 photographers submitting entries into the contest.  After judging each and every entry, these contestants were left standing.  The finalists will be judged in a live webinar in the next 10 days (exact date and time to be announced on our Facebook fan page, so stay tuned!).

Thanks again to our sponsors: The Waist Shooter Camera Bag and Animoto and BorrowLenses.com.

10 thoughts on “Announcing the Finalists of the 2011 Portrait Photographer of the Year Competition”

  1. I made it to the semi-finals i am very happy with that, as this is my first year as a photographer, and 1st entry into any competition, would have really loved to have received the feeb back on my website but hey, win some lose some. So would like to wish the top 25 all my best wishes. I have looked at you all, you have a tough job finding a winner Jim & co. And looking forward to continuing to Improve my Photography with Improve Photography. Happy New Year Everyone xxxxx

  2. Jim, I love the idea of the live webinar as well. I hope that it takes place at a time of day that I can tune in to. I have a 9-5er and would love to hear the critiques. Will this be recorded for future viewing in the event that some of us cannot tune in?

  3. Hi Jim, will the live webinar also be recorded? Being over the other side of the world it might prove difficult to watch it live. I made it to the top 25 and would LOVE to see the critique of my photos.

  4. Congratulations to all the finalists! I’m looking forward to seeing the webinar and gleaning more tips and insights.
    I’m very pleased to have made it to the semi-finalist round. Thank you Jim for running such a great contest and running such an informative and helpful site!

  5. Im with the other semi- finalists – I quickly scanned the list and was surprised when I did see my name- I didn’t expect it but am genuinely happy just to be among the list of the other semi- finalists- it gives me a goal for this year – and that is to be better the last year. And learn as much as I can – thank you for your website I love your advice – here’s to a great 2012

  6. Wow, I’m kind of mad at myself for not entering. All of the finalists and semi finalists are great, but I feel like I could have at least made the semi finals. This is a valuable lesson in not underestimating yourself. Anyway, congrats to everyone who made the list, there’s some seriously quality work in there.

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