Cleaning and Protection for Your DSLR

Cleaning your camera can be a tricky thing if you don't have the correct equipment, but with just a few pieces of gear and cleaning materials (very inexpensive), you can clean your DSLR sensor and lenses from home without needing to send it in for an $80 cleaning by Canon or Nikon (which also deprives you of your camera for 2 weeks).  Here is the gear I recommend.  I have tried a lot of cleaning kits and most of them were junk, so I use a combination of a few different things.

Pec Pads

These disposable lint free wipes are WAY better than the microfiber cloths that are included in most cleaning kits.  These are better because they are one-time use, they are cheap, and they are easy to throw in your camera bag.  While microfiber cloths get dust on them from being thrown around your bag, these pec pads are in a zip loc bag and are one-time use, so you always have a dust-free wipe available.  Buy the pec-pads here.

Giottos Blower

There are many different blowers for cleaning a camera, but the Giottos one is the most popular by far.  It's great because it has a bigger valve in the back which makes it so air is sucked in from the back and blows out the front.  Some blowers have smaller back valves, so the nozzle is actually sucking and blowing, which makes it less effective at getting the dust out of the camera.  Buy the Giottos blower here.

Lens Pen

A lens pen is a simple brush that can be slid back into the pen so the bristles don't get bent or dirty.  Very hand to have around while shooting to clean dust off the lens.  The lens pen I recommend is actually produced by Nikon.  Obviously, it will work just the same on any other brand of camera.  I really hope you aren't THAT loyal to your camera brand that you can't even use a lens pen from another manufacturer 🙂  Buy the Nikon Lens Pen here.

Cleaning Solution

Put your Windex away.  Cameras need a specialized solution so it doesn't damage the delicate technology in the camera or lens.  Remember to only use a TINY TINY bit of solution when cleaning.  Often I use no solution at all, but when I need it, I use ONE DROP!!!  The solution I like is the Eclipse Cleaning Solution.

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