Celebrate Your Photo Nerdity with a Shutter Click Ringtone

I admit it.  I'm a complete photo nerd.  In today's tutorial I want to show you how to set a custom ringtone on your iPhone or Android smarthphone that is the sound of a shutter.  Every time you get a text message, you get to hear the sweet, sweet sound of a full frame click.  It now makes me happy every time I get a text.

How to do it on the iPhone

  1. Download this ringtone to your computer.  I already changed it to the correct format for you.
  2. Drag the file into iTunes.  iTunes will automatically place the file in your tones folder.
  3. Go to the tones folder (in your iTunes library, click music at the top left and change the dropdown to tones).
  4. Click and drag this new ringtone over to your connected phone at the top right.
  5. In your phone, go to Settings > Sound > Change your ringtone to the shutter click.

How to do it on Android

To do this on an Android phone, just download the mp3 here and then follow this tutorial.  There are also several apps for bringing in custom ringtones.

7 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Photo Nerdity with a Shutter Click Ringtone”

  1. Thank you so much…clear, concise directions, love my new text tone! You guys are awesome, I’ve learned so much from both of you…love your podcasts!

  2. When I try this, as I am dragging the file to my phone, there is a circle with a slash, as if I cant do it….help! Thanks!

  3. Just did this one, Jim. Kind of cracks me up! The wife and kids are going to think I’m out of my mind.

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