Episode 4: Winter photography, overpowering ambient with flash, and Zen DPI

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The fourth episode of the Improve Photography Podcast, listeners ask several questions about winter photography, and a VERY common question is asked–what DPI is needed for printing!

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8 thoughts on “Episode 4: Winter photography, overpowering ambient with flash, and Zen DPI”

  1. I’ve been viewing your tips and tricks and any article that is of help under the beginner and portrait articles. Now this podcast is sooo cool as i can be about my business anytime of the day and listen to you guys discussing photography.
    One of the first things that got my attention since the first podcast is the intro music. i kept replaying and bopping my head not to mention the intro voice. I think its a cool voice intro. i like it very much. Thank you both very much.

  2. by the way Jim and Dustin forgot to tell you guys i give you two thumbs up and a five star in my book. have a great day…..

  3. You two are doing a great job. I love the fact that you suggest products that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I am learning more than ever listening to you two. I will be signing up for one of your classes in December. I also am giving you 5 stars and recommending your podcast to all my potog friends. Keep the podcast coming…..

  4. Wow, how did I miss your first three? I’ll subscribe to these in iTunes. Interesting that Android doesn’t have a native podcast player.

  5. 5 Stars, for sure. Just wanted to say that I love the podcast. Even though I find them extremely informative, I also find both of you very humerous (in a good way). I think people at the gym may find me alittle strange due to me laughing aloud on the treadmill.

    Ps. The intro voice is fine !

  6. Still No Notes on this one???? Love the casts guys. Hope you keep going. For a newb like me, it’s been very very helpful.

  7. Hi

    I was not able to participate in this but now i check out and i done the changes in your pic so how can i able to upload that pic so you can able to check that and then you can give me a reply about that Pic please….

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