What is a Battery Grip?

A battery grip is a handy little accessory that mounts to the bottom of your DSLR camera and is used to hold an extra battery.

Some Benefits of a Battery Grip:

    • Effectively doubles your shooting time! Having a battery grip on your camera allows you to keep an extra battery with you at all times – one that the camera will automatically use when your camera's battery dies. This means you've got twice the battery life, without needing to stop and change batteries in the middle of a shoot. Every photographer's nightmare is being in the middle of a shoot and having your camera battery give out. The last thing you want to tell your client is “Hang on a sec – I'm sure I have some extra batteries around here somewhere…”
    • Makes smaller cameras easier to hold for people with big hands. Do you have a little camera and big hands? Do you ever feel like there's no way to get your hands in the right places on your camera because they simply keep bumping in to each other? Having a battery grip gives you more area to hang on to your camera. This way you're not constantly accidentally pushing a button or bumping a setting every time you try to take a shot.
    • Photographer capturing photo with professional cameraAn extra shutter button when you've turned the camera on its side. When you turn your camera on its side to take a vertical shot, your shutter button moves from the top of the camera where you're used to having it to be on the side. Battery grips have a handy extra shutter button that solves this issue – this way, when you turn the camera on its side you've still got a shutter button on the “top” – right where you're used to!

A few things you should know about battery grips before you buy one:

    • You don't have to buy a name brand battery grip. If you look at your camera manufacture's website for a battery grip, the price could be a bit of a shock to your system. Prices range from as low as just over $100 to over $450. That seems like a bit much to keep from needing to switch your battery out! Luckily, you can find cheaper (under $50) third-party battery grips on Amazon (like this one) that will work just as well. Just be sure you get something with good reviews!
    • You need a special kind of battery grip for entry-level Nikon DSLRs. Entry-level Nikon DSLRs don't have shutter contacts, so you need a wire connecting the grip to the camera so that you can use the extra shutter button. This battery grip is a good example of something that would work. You can see the small wire that comes with it; aside from that, it's really not much different than the other battery grips.

So is a battery grip vital to your photography? Well, you certainly don't have to have one to take good photographs. But for less than $50, it is a great addition to your tool belt!

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12 thoughts on “What is a Battery Grip?”

  1. I didn’t realize that batteries could adapt to the direction that your camera goes! A friend of mine is a photographer. I guess I’ll have to ask her a thing or two about taking pictures. Thanks!

  2. I just found this site from Pinterest and I must say that I like it very much. I took photo as a major years ago, and with family and children , life in general I left that idea of a career. Now that the children are grown. I am having to learn all over again. I saw a great deal on one of the shopping networks and purchased a canon rebel that came with two lens. My question for this day is… are the lens inter-changeable with the more professional canon camera if I were to upgrade.

    I am learning this new dlsr camera. and I must say that I do like it. I do/don’t miss taking out film to get it developed LOL . I want to go into portrait work as in fine art. so I am working my way up to the equipment i need. but I must say your post are just what I needed. to know that I can use another less expensive brand on my canon helps to know so much. thanks you again. you have a fan here.

  3. Hi!

    Your blog is amazing!
    Does the battery grip adapt to Canon 6D? I didn’t see that model on the description in Amazon.



  4. Hi, Can I use just one battery in the grip? I know that it is made for 2 batteries, but in a emergency, can I use just one without the need of unattached the grip? (sorry for my bad english)

  5. I have a Nikon D5100 and wants to upgrade for Nikon D750 this year, is it advisable to buy extra battery now and grip or wait till I upgrade , will the extra battery of d5100 can be used for d750 thanks

  6. How long will a battery grip increase my camera’s time? I am recording videos with my Canon 550d. It works for 20-25 minutes. Do you think battery grip can make it 1-2 hours? Thanks!

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