Shooting into the Sun, Q&A w/ Jim & Darin [IP80]


In this episode Jim & Darin answer audio questions from fans of the Improve Photography Podcast.  Jim and Darin weigh in on questions about Lightroom, lenses, camera systems, focusing, shooting into the sun and more. What’s in this episode Testing a lens for moisture or water damage. Evaluating technique before fine-tuning (micro-adjusting) a lens with CONTINUE

New Lens or New Camera Body?

New camera with high iso capabilities - The low light in a gymnasium requires shooting at a high iso. This was shot at 3200 to freeze the action at 1/800s. - Photo by Terence Fominaya

I often get approached by friends who are interested in “getting a nice camera.” I always suggest we sit down and talk about the type of photography they are interested in. We also talk about budget. Some of you may be in the position of getting your first DSLR, others may be more serious photographers CONTINUE