iPhone 6 Plus vs. Canon 5D Mark III

Unless Canon and Nikon change their course immediately, they are soon to be eaten up by camera manufacturers who are implementing technologies made cheap by the smart phone industry.

Relax, trolls. I’m not suggesting that a phone can compare with a DSLR in terms of image quality.  And yes, I recognize that you could make a comparison like the one below with different stats and show how the 5D Mark III would kick the iPhone’s butt.  That’s not the point. However, a growing contingent of CONTINUE

Giving it Thought: Landscape Photography Tips & Tricks [IP86]


Jim & Darin sit down to discuss some Landscape Photography tips & tricks.  With cooler weather making its way from the Southern to the Northern Hemisphere, Darin & Jim talk about dressing for the climate, notifying family/friends of shoot locations, and more. What’s in this episode The importance of making a Landscape Photography Bucket List. CONTINUE