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Please Don’t Pay Full Price for these 11 Photography Items

Photography is not a cheap hobby, but it doesn’t have to be nearly as expensive as most think it is.  Over the last 5 years that I’ve been running Improve Photography, I’ve been hunting down the very best cheap and inexpensive alternatives to photography, which I share in the recommended gear section of the site.  Here are some of my …

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Best Hard Drive for Photographers

Professional and hobbyist photographers alike face a common problem – storage space.  This article explains which brand is the best hard drive for photographers to use for long-term storage of their irreplaceable photo library.

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Shoot Report: Photos from the I.P. Oregon Coast Workshop

Last week I had the pleasure of holding a completely free photography workshop with 55 readers of in Oregon. On this page I want to share a play-by-play of some of my photos from the trip, but if you’re looking for full tutorials on how each one of the photos is made, complete with “before Photoshop” photos, camera settings, …

Bad Reviews Scam?

There appears to be a scam running in the United States right now specifically targeting photographers of all types.  The scam isn’t entirely consistent from photographer to photographer, but goes something like this: A seemingly random email inquires about your services A second seemingly unrelated email offering “reputation management services” encourages you to keep their contact info – just in …