Portrait Session Podcast

Portrait Session Podcast
Welcome to Portrait Session, the newest show on the Improve Photography Podcast Network. Portrait session is the flash and portrait photography show for enthusiast and professional photographers who want to learn flash, lighting, posing, the business of photography, and more. Staffed with three full-time professional photographers, you'll learn the ins and outs of portrait photography–straight from the pros.

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Erica Coffman
Erica Kay (Coffman)
Erica Kay is a full-time professional photographer from Columbus, Ohio who photographs over 30 high-end weddings per year.

Erica donates her time to an organization which benefits AIDS orphans in southern Africa, and has photographed on 5 continents.[/block_grid_item][block_grid_item]

Nick Page
Nick Page
Nick Page is a full-time professional photographer living in Dayton, Washington. Nick has a wide variety of photographic interests. He shoots weddings, landscapes, fine art, senior portraits, babies, sports, families, night photography, architectural photography… you name it.


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41 thoughts on “Portrait Session Podcast”

  1. Horace Traynor

    Hi guys, congratulations on a great podcast! I listen to every show. You two are especially generous with very useful tips and information compared to the shows that are basically sales pitches with a few practical tips sprinkled on top.

    Did you two say in the last episode that anyone with a crop sensor camera does not have good enough equipment to be a second shooter for you? Or did I hear that wrong? Interesting.

  2. Hey Nick! Love the podcast. Just thought I’d motion that tigers don’t live in Africa so there is no way that Erica could get eaten by one. Lions on the other hand is a somewhat more plausible. Tigers live in India lions live in Africa. 🙂 Happy shooting.

  3. I’m in love with photos, but never touched my dream, to be a profesional photographer, because of economics conditional in my family, in my country. Now i’m in States, and im trying to go throgh. I really enjoyed your photo. thanks a lot

  4. Conner has to go!! Everything has been great so far. Conner seemed knowledgeable and personable and was nice to listen too…..until the end of the last Portrait Session podcast (EP-89)! I’m sorry but I cannot take anymore advice or tips from someone who thinks “CHOCOLATE IS JUST GROSS”. Obviously there is something wrong with him! That type of person just can’t be trusted. Who’s with me?

    1. @Rob, all of the podcasts (Portrait Session, Photo Taco, Latitude, Tripod) have been combined into a single feed. They all come out in the Improve Photography feed since July 2017.

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