Portrait Session Podcast

Portrait Session Podcast
Welcome to Portrait Session, the newest show on the Improve Photography Podcast Network. Portrait session is the flash and portrait photography show for enthusiast and professional photographers who want to learn flash, lighting, posing, the business of photography, and more. Staffed with three full-time professional photographers, you'll learn the ins and outs of portrait photography–straight from the pros.

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Erica Coffman
Erica Kay (Coffman)
Erica Kay is a full-time professional photographer from Columbus, Ohio who photographs over 30 high-end weddings per year.

Erica donates her time to an organization which benefits AIDS orphans in southern Africa, and has photographed on 5 continents.[/block_grid_item][block_grid_item]

Nick Page
Nick Page
Nick Page is a full-time professional photographer living in Dayton, Washington. Nick has a wide variety of photographic interests. He shoots weddings, landscapes, fine art, senior portraits, babies, sports, families, night photography, architectural photography… you name it.


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41 thoughts on “Portrait Session Podcast”

  1. Topic idea:

    If a session doesn’t allow for a make-up artist, what guidance should one give clients/models for doing their own make-up? What about…

    – make-up for natural light vs strobe?
    – more or less contour?
    – lifestyle vs glamour vs fashion vs … ?
    – black & white vs colour?
    – how to deal with perspiration?
    – what about guys?

    Cheers, – Jon –

  2. Topic Idea 2:

    I have been learning so much from everyone at Improve Photography and the new pod casts are great.

    So I have been cropping my photos as the way I like them to look, most everything has been posts to internet or shared electronically. My first attempt at having some photos printed resulted in top of heads chopped off. I realize the mistake and have been reediting using aspect sizes. I think I now have files I can send for prints but they are just files. I dont know if I made them 8×10, 6×9 or what.

    The question is, how are you all editing your photos for printing and then knowing what size that photo needs to be printed at?

    Use Light Room for editing and shoot with a Canon T3.



  3. Hi Nick,

    Let me start off by saying how much I enjoy your perspective and mellow, humorous disposition. I think you add a lot to the IP podcast lineup, and I like the three of you together in this podcast. You are all at your best. So I am not sure where to post episode specific comments, but anyway, I’m glad the topic of focus and recompose came up. I think it is technically a flawed technique on a geometrical basis, not just on the basis of handholding and moving while recomposing. I don’t think it would even work if the camera were on a tripod. When you lock focus, it means everything at that specific distance from the sensor will be in focus. That defines a sphere with the camera at the center. The problem is when you pivot the camera, you are pivoting the whole focal plane, which is orthogonal to the sphere. That will shift the focal plane to lie behind the original target, and you will be back focused, systematically.

  4. While listening to “It’s Just Business”, I was surprised and disappointed to hear your suggestion to pose as an engaged couple in order to get pricing from other wedding photographers who don’t post price lists. This is disingenuous and degrades your integrity and that of fellow photographers. If you are not being honest with your competition, who else do you treat in the same manner?

    Suggest you think a little deeper.

  5. Belinda Edwards

    I am so excited to have jammed all the Portrait Session podcasts into my commute to and from work over the last 2 days. This is brilliant. I am a long time listener to the improve photography podcast and this is a great addition. The mix of Erica, Darin & Nick is just perfect. I love what you bring to the table and appreciate the inclusion of someone we can all relate to. All of you have different levels of experience, its so relatable and its my fav podcast by far. Short and sweet and to the point (sometimes I wish they just kept going) I am always walking away with stuff. If anything it has re-energised me to pick up the camera more and spend some me time doing what I love. Keep it up and I really appreciate the time you are all investing away from your businesses to help us all. I truly am loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx B 🙂

  6. Hello Portrait Session Hosts!

    I would love to hear an episode with ideas on how to get your photography (esp. part time) business off the ground. In the long term I want to be a serious photographer but for right now my biggest priority is to practice shooting and build a portfolio. I love portrait photography but I am moving to a new city where I won’t know anyone. I need ideas on how I can reach out to the community and contact people who would be willing to let me take their photos in order to build a portfolio. Any Ideas?

    P.S. love the podcast!


  7. David Whiting

    Hey Darin, my first listen to the Portrait Session podcast.

    Great job guys, it’s AWE … stop! It’s INSPIRING 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to more, keep it coming. By the way, if you’re working with a voice coach, it’s working!!


  8. David Whiting

    Quick question for you Darin.

    When we were in China, I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy the portrait sessions but I ended up loving them! I’ve got myself an umbrella for my speed light as a start, but you were carrying around a pole to attach it to for portability.

    What was that? If you can send me a link (your affiliate link is cool) that would be most splendid dear chap 🙂

    1. @David – That was my pole. It’s just a regular monopod with an adapter on top, and then a regular umbrella bracket on top of the adapter. I’ll look up the links and make a post on Improve Photography for you. Give me a couple days.

      1. David Whiting

        Thanks Jim, that would be awesome …

        By the way (it could be just me), I’m always forgetting to do the “sweetCaptcha” verification before I hit Submit and end up losing everything – wouldn’t it be better to move the action before the the submit button? Just a suggestion 🙂

  9. I’ve listened to the all the podcasts, and a lot of high-level discussion has been made to gloss over pricing and such, but nothing substantial has been given on hard-core marketing. Erica is a “high-end” wedding photographer. Fantastic! But what *all* is she doing to market her business – past and present? Nick lives in small market but shoots weddings all over, including Hawaii. What *all* is he doing to market his business, both past and present? The same could be said of Darin. The podcast is good and I enjoy it, but it would be great to hear some drill-down into deeper discussion in future sessions.

    1. I think your on point.. we tend to move on before we really dig deep into some of the subjects. I am sure we will re address the marketing topic soon, its probably one of the most interesting topics we can cover pertaining to the biz side of photography.

  10. Hey all – heard you talking about the facebook group on the podcast today, but it doesn’t come up when I search. Please advise. BTW, love listening to the show.

  11. Nick Page, I would love if you did a short class, similar to the sky replacement, on that subtle mat look that you talked about on a recent pod cast. I believe you said it can be done in the curves panel in Light Room.

  12. Hi guys, Long time listener, first time commenter. I remember in a discussion about Lightroom being slow, one of you suggested making a change to 75% of something. I can’t remember what it was or which podcast. Do you have any idea what I am talking about? Thanks for the help and being the great resource that you are.


  13. Hey guys! I requested to be a part of the Facebook group a week ago with no response. Have you guys been in checking that lately? Thanks!!

    And P.S. I LOVE the show.

  14. Steve Blackett

    Nick & all. Happy 50th!! I actually got to watch it on Periscope; just happened to be during my lunch break at work. I enjoy them all. Thanks for all you guys do

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