How Long Do Memory Cards Last?

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In response to my article entitled “9 Things Photographers Need to Know About Memory Cards“, Richard Cole and Aloha Lavina sent in a question about memory cards and this post will serve as a response. The Memory Card Reliability Question How long do CF memory cards last?  Should I replace my old cards after a while, or will they still …

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More info on depth of field

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by Dustin Olsen   Need more blur? Go to: Filter > Blur > BINGO! Same with sharpening! But before we “Go to:” anywhere in Photoshop – we need to nail it the camera, first! Simple things such as adding blur or increasing the sharpness are things we can do before making it to Photoshop. We Want More Blur?! A large …

How to Photograph Gorgeous Night Portraits

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I spend a significant amount of time just enjoying beautiful photography.  I look at great photos on flickr, on the websites of other photographers, and I always look at the websites of people who comment on the blog and include a link to their site.  In seeing all these photos, I am frequently surprised at how many photographers miss out …

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5 Tips for Better Photography of Your Kids

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Every photographer takes family photos.  For hobbyist photographers, that’s probably what you photograph more than anything else.  Unfortunately, I rarely see articles on photography sites about how to take better portraits of one’s own family.  To that end, I wrote this post on how to improve your photos of the kids. Kid Photography Tip #1: Stop asking the kids to …

9 Things Photographers Need to Know About Memory Cards

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Photographers are gearheads.  We love to know what the latest-and-greatest technology is and what piece of gear will produce optimal results.  I admit it.  I love the technology side of photography and I enjoy pixel peeping even when I know it doesn’t really help my photos.  Surprisingly, however, I am frequently shocked at how clueless photographers are about memory cards. …

Shoot During the Blue Hour for Better City Landscape Photography

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Landscape photography of cities and city buildings are often some of my favorite photos.   Cityscapes capture a serene and beautiful mood better than any other type of photo.  Unfortunately, many of the cityscapes I see are shot at the “wrong” time of day.  I don’t mean to say that there is only one time that cityscapes can be shot, …