How to use spot metering for portraits

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I recently read a blog post from a pretty competent photographer who said that there is no reason to use spot metering.  Spot metering is where the camera determines a proper exposure not on the average brightness levels of the whole frame, but just of one specific spot.  This photographer, like me, is principally a landscape photographer.  Admittedly, I have …

The Best Memory Card for the Nikon D7000

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Memory cards are difficult to buy, but the choice of a memory card is easy if you own a Nikon D7000.  The only thing left to decide is what sizing of card you’d like to buy. Sandisk and Nikon worked together to produce an SD memory card that can work faster with the Nikon D7000 than any other SD memory …

Self-control with depth-of-field

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I get it.  Depth of field is fun to play with and makes our pictures look amazing, but I’m here to say that more of a good thing is not always better. Look at the image featured on this page of my beautiful wife, Emily.  The depth-of-field adds to this image to make her stand off the page; however, this …

30 Tips for stunning sunset photography

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Sunset Photography Tip #1. Underexpose.  This is the most important tip for taking pictures of sunsets.  Slightly underexposing the sunset will make the colors look more rich and defined.  The entire scene will become more dramatic.  You can underexpose by using manual mode and selecting a fast shutter speed, or you can shoot in aperture priority and use exposure compensation. …

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How to shoot light trails at night

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  Have you seen a night photo of light trails and asked yourself, “How was that done?” Perhaps you tried a few things only to get a dark, shaky or blurry shot? It is not as difficult as it may appear! One of the most common subjects and easiest to find are cars approaching and receding in traffic.  Light trails are generated …

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How the Most Popular Photo on Flickr was taken: An Interview

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1,895 faves, 83,303 views, 574 comments.  Tens of thousands of photographers can’t be wrong in holding the picture featured on this page as one of the best photos ever placed on the popular photo sharing website Flickr.  With the endorsement of so many thousands of photographers, we must have something to learn from Alex Bell, the photographer who took the …