Gift Card Recommendations for Intermediate Photographers


Improve Photography is back! Expect to see our posts again in your Facebook and Instagram Feeds, new videos on YouTube, and a complete redesign of our site! We know you haven't heard from us in a while, but we are here for you now.

To show you how much we appreciate you, we're excited to offer you a $15 gift card that you can redeem on any of our products. Just use the code above and you're good to go!

Our products are priced at $15 or more. You can use your gift card code to get a free product or as a discount for one of the higher priced products. All products priced at $15 are labeled as (free).


Our Best Courses for Intermediate Photographers

Sky Replacement Tutorial

Nick Page shows how to use Photoshop to replace boring skies with gorgeous skies in your photos. You'll also get a bundle of 20 skies you can use in your photos.



Block Composition Method​

So, you understand all of the “rules” of composition. What now? In this course, Jim shows you how traditional theories are just the beginning of your journey.



Advanced Techniques for Landscapes

Join Nick as he shows you how to: blend focal lengths, shoot and process HDR panoramas, and his techniques for compositing night skies to create absolutely spectacular images.



Lightroom Medic

Is your Lightroom causing you unnecessary stress? Learn to optimize your Lightroom library so you can speed up your workflow and reduce your chance of losing photos.



We Saved The Best for Last

Improve Photography Plus

The amount of value IP+ provides for such a low monthly price is mind blowing. There are over 200 video tutorials, 340+ lightroom presets, and much more. It’s truly an amazing value.

What's Included?

Foundations & Beginner

  • Photography Start
  • Lightroom 101: Master post-processing
  • Lighting in a Flash: Tame your Speedlight
  • Photoshop 101
  • Photoshop 102
  • Photoshop Elements 101

Intermediate & Advanced

  • Advanced Techniques for Landscapes
  • Lightroom Medic
  • Jim's Block Composition Method
  • Sky Replacement Tutorial
  • Essential Techniques for Lighting Dramatic Portraits
  • Creative Scale Photography
  • Focus Stacking from Start to Finish
  • Landscapes In Motion
  • Compositing Stylized Portraits
  • Product Photography 101
  • Commercial Compositing Techniques
  • Posing Women
  • Sunset Portraiture Quick Course
  • Dynamic Range with Luminosity Masks
  • High-End Retouching
  • Mastering The Balanced Composition
  • Fast Retouching with Lightroom Brushes
  • The Art of the Landscape
  • Portrait Retouching Workshop
  • Beverage Photography Masterclass
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Intermediate Photography Class
  • Post-Processing Tough Landscapes
  • 340+ Lightroom Presets
  • How to install Lightroom Presets video
  • Lightroom Brushes
  • Contracts Pack
  • Real Estate Photographer Starter Pack
  • Photography Pricing Guide
  • Full Business Bundle

You also have the option to get $15 off your first month of IP+, just use the same code at checkout. The discount will be applied to your first month. Your first month starts after your 14 day free trial. That means you have the opportunity to get all this amazing content for 44 days for only $5!

Amazing Resources for Intermediate Photographers in IP+

Essential Techniques for Lighting Dramatic Portraits

This course is taught by Connor Hibbs, is a fantastic masterclass on creating passionate and dramatic portraits using relatively simple lighting setups.

This course is best for those who are already comfortable with manual mode and know some flash, but want to take their portraits to the next level.



Creative Scale Photography

Felix Hernandez is one of the most creative photographers in the world right now. He creates stunning photos from miniature scale models. His work has been purchased by many of the world’s biggest brands. In this extensive tutorial, he shares all of his techniques for creating stunning images.



The Art of the Landscape

Art of the Landscape is Jim Harmer’s complete course on adding time lapse and motion to your landscape and nature photography.



Master Real Estate Photography

Master Real Estate Photography in 2 Hours Flat is a new premium course available on IP+. Join full-time pro real estate photographer Josh Corrigan as he photographs a home and shows you all the tips and tricks of the trade.



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