Sky Replacement Tutorial

How to replace average skies with mind blowing skies

Why Sky Replacement Tutorial?

Imagine being thousands of miles away from home on a once in a lifetime trip. You are ecstatic to take a photo at your dream location only to be let down by the sky at the time of your visit.

This Sky Replacement Tutorial eliminates that possibility and enables you to drastically enhance your photos.

Professional photographer, Nick Page, guides you through the ins-and-outs of replacing backgrounds and skies using Lightroom and Photoshop.

It's the perfect tutorial for photographers looking to take their skies to the next level.

The Beauty of Sky Replacement

Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After

What's Included

7 Video Lessons

Each lesson teaches you a new technique, guaranteed to improve your skies and backgrounds.

Over 20 RAW Backgrounds

Jumpstart your sky and background library with over 20 RAW files straight from the libraries of Nick and Jim.

Download & Keep Forever

The videos and backgrounds are yours to download and keep forever. Watch them on any device, as often as you like, for years to come.

To start, Nick walks you through the sky replacement process.

Unfortunately, you can't just slap a sky on a photo and get great results. Nick shows you step by step how to properly prepare your file for replacement so you can achieve the cleanest result possible.
If you are not already familiar, Nick overviews the selection process primarily using the quick selection tool.
The most common sky replacement mistake is not properly stylizing the overall composite after the replacement causing a very unrealistic looking sky.
Nick shows you how to make your replacement skies as real as you possibly can.
Sometimes making selections is very simple, but other times it can be much more challenging. 
Nick shows you how to overcome those challenging selection situations.

Sometimes the foreground is dark and the sky is bright. Sometimes vice versa. This makes it very difficult to replace the sky, but of course Nick has you covered!

Nick walks you through exactly how he blended a night photo of the milky way with a photo from an engagement shoot for a unique, dramatic portrait.

You can use the included milky way files to create a similar photo!

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Sky Replacement Tutorial


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Nick Page's Work

About The Instructor

Nick Page

Nick is a professional photographer from Dayton, Washington with an absolutely mind blowing portfolio.

In his words, he doesn't do landscape photography for the popularity or money. He does it because he truly love it. It is his creative outlet. He loves the process of creating something special and having something to show for it.

Oh, and his goatee is the approximately the length of a 70-200mm lens in case you were wondering.


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