Block Method Composition

How to create the perfect photo before taking out your DSLR

Revolutionize Your Photos

Why Block Method Composition?

Jim Harmer’s “Block Method Composition” is great for any photographer ready to take-on an entirely new approach to taking photographs.

World renowned photographer, Jim Harmer, will take you on location to show step-by-step how he composes impeccable photos.

Instead of shooting then recomposing over and over, Jim shows you a completely new way of plan your images before you even take out your DSLR.

Throw out traditional “rules” of composition for a minute and learn what people unconsciously see while viewing your work and what makes certain photos truly pleasing to the eye.

You’ll never approach photography the same again.

What's Included

Over 90 Minutes of Training

Each of the 20 sections teaches you something new. With many videos filmed on-location, you can see exactly what to do to produce professional photos.

Bonus Video Lessons

Three bonus video trainings to help you master Balanced Compositions.

Download & Keep Forever

The videos and eBook are yours to download and keep forever. Watch them on any device, as often as you like, forever

After over decade of reading books on the subject, researching, and his own trial and error, Jim shows us why traditional “rules” of composition may just be a small piece of a truly amazing photograph.
Learn about the common issues faced by both beginner and experienced photographers and how to avoid them.
Jim shows you how to get the look that you are visualizing in way less time.

Jim explains the Block Method Composition in full detail, outlining why it works so well.

Using eye-tracking technology, he shows us what every viewer looks for (even if they aren't a photographer), and how to create the best composition for your photograph using that knowledge.

Once Jim explains the concepts and you spend some time practicing what you learn in the video tutorials, it will become second nature.

Armed with the knowledge of what makes a truly compelling image, Jim takes us on location to guide us through his process of creating a stunning landscape photo.
He also explains the three elements that will make any landscape look divine.


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About The Instructor

Jim Harmer

Jim is a world renowned photographer, once listed as one of the 10 most popular photographers in the world. His landscape and portrait work has been featured in some of the world's most popular publications.

He famously graduated law school, passed the bar exam, then gave up law to pursue his passion for photography. Next, he founded Improve Photography and has helped millions of photographers improve their photography over the last decade.



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