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Ten Reasons to “Shoot to a Theme”

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Often photography is about grabbing your camera, going to an interesting place, and looking for subjects that catch your eye.  No real plan, grab your camera, take a walk, and see what photo opportunities present themselves.  There’s nothing wrong with that. Often serendipity will meet your skills as photographer and a good shot will result.  …

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When Should Serious Photographers Make Snapshots?

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Snapshots??!!  Most photographers aspiring to improve scoff at making “snapshots”, those being the quick images taken without much thought by the point-and-shoot crowd.  We’re serious photographers here and want to instead be Crafting Photographs, right?  But in this article, I’m talking about a feature in Lightroom you may not have tried or understood and it …

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14 Ways Shooting Still Life Can Improve Your Photography

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As a new photographer, there’s a lot to learn.  Camera controls, composition, lighting, lens selection and more.  Try action, sports, or even wildlife photography and while you puzzle over exposure settings the shot is missed.  Try portraiture and your subject may become impatient while you’re trying to get the light right or find the right …