Best Continuous Lighting Kit

Continuous lighting kits provide a constant and stable source of light and can provide you with an idea as to how your images are going to look.

While natural lighting is great, it can also be unreliable.

A continuous lighting kit provides you with a constant beam of natural light, and the intensity can be adjusted when required.

For those who are unfamiliar with the specifications of a continuous lighting kit, we have done the hard work for you.

To create our guide, we have browsed the market and selected our top 5 picks of the best kits available.

Along with a review of each product, we have also provided you with a buyer's guide with all of our top tips for selecting the best product for your needs. 

Are you in a hurry? Not to worry, we have our top pick for you below.

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Best Continuous Lighting Kit – Comparison Table

Best Continuous Lighting Kit – Reviews

Our Pick
Neewer 700W Octagon Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit for Camera Photo Video Photography, Includes: (2)32x32 inches/80x80 centimeters Softbox, (2)85W 5500K Light Bulb, (2)Light Stand, (1)Carrying Bag
Our rating:

The Neewer octagon softbox continuous lighting kit comes with two softboxes measuring 32 x 32 inches, 2 5500k light bulbs, 2 light stands, and a carry bag for storing and transporting all of your equipment.

We particularly like that this photography kit can be used in a range of settings.

Whether you are an industrial, scientific, or technical photographer you can be confident that this kit is going to cater to your needs so you can capture photographs of a high standard.

These softboxes are octagon in shape, however, there are other shape variations available if you would prefer.

For example, some may prefer to use square softboxes.

The lightbulb is equipped with 5500k lumens and provides a bright beam which allows you to capture photographs with excellent effect.

As for the light stands, both are constructed from aluminum alloy and this heavy-duty material can withstand frequent use without becoming easily damaged.

  • It can be used to capture photographs in a range of settings.
  • The carry bag provides a convenient storage solution for storing and also makes the equipment easier to transport.
  • The kit provides you with all that you need to begin capturing your photographs.
  • The solid construction creates heavy-duty components that are sure to withstand daily use.
  • When compacted each of the components are lightweight which makes them easier to transport.
  • Some customers have reported that this kit is a little difficult to set up which may cause delays.

MOUNTDOG Photography Studio Softbox Lighting Kit Continuous Lighting System Photo with 3pcs E27 95W Bulbs Arm Holder Photo Video Soft Box Lighting Set for YouTube Filming Portrait Shooting
Our rating:

The Mountdog Photography Continuous Lighting System provides an excellent option for those seeking affordability.

The kit consists of 3 softboxes, 3 95 watt light bulbs, 3 stands for each of the softboxes, a sandbag, and a carry bag which allows you to carry all of your equipment to different locations.

As you are provided with 3 softboxes you can position them at different angles for the best beam of light projecting onto the subject being photographed.

It is also ideal in situations where you are struggling to maintain an even source of light.

The stands are also adjustable and this allows you to adjust the angle of the light to suit the requirements of each photograph.

You aren't restricted to a particular angle.

Thanks to the long boom arm and holder arm grip, there is greater versatility in the angles that you can execute with your equipment.

Gone are the days where you find yourself struggling to find the best lighting spot as this equipment does it for you.

Not only are the stands of the softboxes adjustable, but the heads of the softboxes themselves are also adjustable and again, this allows you to secure the box to a particular position so that you are provided with the best light for your photograph.

  • This kit is available in two different variations; 2 softboxes or 3 softboxes so you can select the best option for your needs.
  • The softbox head and stands are adjustable which allows you to control and alter the light angle.
  • Affordably priced, this kit is a great option for photographers on a budget.
  • The components are lightweight which allows for easy transportation when required.
  • Durably constructed this equipment is likely to see you through many uses.
  • The stands are a little thin and are prone to falling over which may become problematic.

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Our rating:
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The ESDDI Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit consists of 2 50x70cm softbox reflectors, 2 x E27 5500k bulbs, and a carry bag for user convenience.

This kit is particularly favorable for those who specialize in portrait, fashion, and product photography.

The size of the softboxes allows you to position them close to the subject so you can capture your photographs with a soft beam of light.

Boasting a high-quality material construction, both softboxes are lined with reflective material that emphasizes the quality and excellent focus.

Equipped with 2x85W daylight CFL bulbs with a combined output of 800W, the pure white beam is going to add a natural effect to your photographs.

Both bulbs possess energy-efficient qualities and are expected to last for around 8000 hours so you can enjoy long-lasting use of your lighting kit without the worry of the softboxes losing power midway through a photoshoot.

Both the head of the softboxes and the stands in which they are secured too are adjustable.

Thanks to the flexibility of this equipment you can alter the angle of the light source to meet the demands of your photograph.

  • This kit is covered by a lifetime warranty should you experience any issues.
  • Affordably priced, this kit provides a great value option.
  • It is suitable for use in a range of settings to accommodate the needs of different photographers.
  • This lighting kit is easy to assemble and use.
  • The carry bag provides a convenient storage solution when the equipment isn't in use and also makes it easier to carry.
  • The stands are a little flimsy and so the quality could be improved.
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EMART 600W Photography Photo Video Portrait Studio Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit
Our rating:

The EMART 600W Continuous Lighting Kit is another strong contender. Unlike our previous picks, this kit comes with umbrellas rather than softboxes.

You are provided with two black and silver reflector umbrellas and two translucent white soft umbrellas.

Providing you with the perfect lighting, this set will cater to the demands of many photographers. 

Aside from the umbrellas, you are also provided with 2 83″ stands and 1 33″ stand each of which boasts a strong and robust aluminum alloy construction, with a buckle that allows you to adjust the height with ease.

This allows you to alter the angle of the stand and light to suit your photograph. 

You are also provided with 3 5500k energy-saving light bulbs all of which are likely to deliver long-lasting use.

The single headlamp holders feature all of the components that you require for easy use; the power switch included.

The angle can also be altered to cater to your photography and shooting requirements. 

As for storage, this kit provides you with a nylon heavy duty carry bag and an additional carry bag that is specifically intended for storing the bulbs.

The convenient storage solution also makes the equipment much easier to transport in between locations.

  • Retailing at a super affordable price, this kit is an ideal choice for those on a budget.
  • The choice of umbrellas allows you to select the best option depending on whether you require hard or soft light.
  • The bulbs produce a bright light that adds a great effect to photographs.
  • The ability to alter the height of the stand allows you to select the best angle for your needs.
  • All of the pieces of equipment are easy to assemble.
  • The stands are a little flimsy and so the quality could be improved.

RALENO Softbox Photography Lighting Kit 20'X28' Photography Continuous Lighting System Photo Studio Equipment with 2pcs E27 Socket 5500K Bulb Photo Model Portraits Shooting Box
Our rating:

The Raleno Photography Continuous Lighting System is equipped with 2 softboxes, 2 5500k CFL light bulbs, 2 adjustable stands, and a cloth bag for convenient storage.

Impressively, this lighting kit meets the demands of different photographers.

Whether you focus on live broadcasting, product photography, industrial photography, or portraits, this system is sure to compliment your needs.

Thanks to the silver lining of the softboxes, the possibility of light loss is eliminated and the soft nylon cloth creates a smooth flow of light without shadows.

For this reason, you can enjoy capturing photographs with an excellent lighting effect.

The 5500k energy-saving light bulbs have an expected service life of 8000 hours and they are sure to deliver long-lasting use so you aren't left without a light in the middle of a photoshoot.

As a 5500k light, it emulates a natural beam that isn't going to overwhelm the subject in the photograph.

In regards to portability, the aluminum alloy light stands can be folded in between uses and conveniently stored inside the carry bag provided.

Should your photography expertise be required in other locations, your equipment can be conveniently transported.

  • Durably constructed the light stands can withstand intense use.
  • The stands can be adjusted to sit at a particular angle before being locked securely into place.
  • Affordably priced, this light system is great value for money.
  • It is easy to use and features an on and off switch for user convenience.
  • The equipment is lightweight and easy to maneuver when required in different locations.
  • The quality of the bulbs could be improved as many customers have commented on them being defective.

Best Continuous Lighting Kit – Buyers Guide

Before investing in your continuous lighting kit, there are several factors that you will need to consider. We have compiled a buyer's guide where we have identified our top tips for selecting the best product, along with characteristics that should be incorporated into the contents of each kit.

The Contents of the Kit

The contents of the kit can differ depending on the brand with which you make your purchase. A kit typically consists of softboxes, light stands, clamps, bulbs, and a carry case.

It is important to ensure that your chosen kit is equipped with all of the photography essentials that you require. Some may consist of more than this and others may be less.

A kit with multiple components is going to ensure that you have all that you need to begin capturing your photographs with minimal hassle.

The Construction

The construction of your photography kit is going to be an indicator of quality and durability.

The equipment should be constructed using high-quality materials that are going to withstand frequent use with ease.

The softboxes and stands should be made using strong and robust materials like aluminum, to ensure that it can endure frequent assembly and disassembly.

Your kit also needs to be strong enough to withstand accidental tough handling that could affect the quality.

The Color of the Light Source

As part of a lighting kit, you are provided with light bulbs and many manufacturers will offer these bulbs in different color variations, while others are available in singular color variations.

Those that are available in multiple color options provides greater versatility and allows you to select the best source of light for your photographs.

While some photographers may require a stronger and brighter beam of light, others may require a duller and more subtle beam of light.

Adjustable Stand

A continuous lighting kit should ideally come with an adjustable stand as this allows you to alter the height of the softbox so that it can be set at different angles.

You are unlikely to require the use of the softbox at the same angle for each photoshoot and so this allows you to change the angle to capture the best standard photographs.

Photography Purpose

You will need to consider the type of photography that you are going to require your continuous lighting kit for.

It is important to select the photography kit that is going to suit the style of photographs that you want to capture.

Doing so will ensure that your chosen photography kit is compatible with your needs.


In many instances, photographers are demanded in different locations and so their lighting kit must cooperate with this.

The portability of the kit is going to determine how easy it is to transport to different locations.

Most will come with a carry case that not only provides a convenient storage solution to ensure that nothing goes missing, but also means that all of the equipment is compactly stored making it much easier to transport to different locations.

Ease of Use

Professional photographers likely have prior experience of using a continuous lighting kit, however, for those who do not or those who are unfamiliar with the functionality of a specific type, the ease of use is important.

This means that the kit should ideally be easy to assemble and disassemble before and after each use.

You don't want to arrive at the location of a photoshoot only to experience issues with setting up your equipment.

Most will provide you with a user manual that presents the instructions as to how the equipment is intended to be assembled.

The Price

Continuous lighting kits can retail at varying prices with affordable options for those on budgets and more expensively priced options for those who wish to spend a little more on their purchase.

It is worth having a budget in mind before browsing the market so that you can focus your search on your price range.

There isn't a set amount that you are expected to spend on your lighting kit.

Of course, your chosen kit must consist of high-quality components and it should come with everything that you require, but you can access this through affordable options too.

In our guide, we have included a variety to highlight the options that are available to you.

Whether you are looking for an affordable option or you are hoping to make a more hefty investment, there is a lighting kit available for you.

The Warranty

We would advise you to opt for a product that has been covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

This ensures that there is help available should you experience any issues or dissatisfaction with the product that you receive.

Many will also offer a lifetime support customer service team that provides you with a point of contact to communicate any issues and concerns that you may have with your chosen product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between strobe and continuous lighting?

There aren't significant differences to pinpoint between strobe lighting and continuous lighting. Strobe lighting tends to be more powerful when used correctly.

However, many professionals and photography enthusiasts use both types of lighting coinciding with one another.

Do I need a continuous lighting kit?

A continuous lighting kit is a particularly worthy purchase for those who engage in product and still life photography.

For the visualizers who want to see how their image and the lighting is going to look before actually capturing the shot, a continuous lighting kit is a worthy investment.

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