How do Photographers Remotely Capture the Space Shuttle?

With the historic last launch of the space shuttle Endeavor, I got to wondering how the photographers remotely trigger their cameras to photograph the launch.  Since the public has to be 3 miles away from the launch site, it would be WAY too far for a Pocketwizard. Fortunately, BorrowLenses.com posted a link on their facebook page that answered my question.  Just thought I'd share the video with the rest of you.  It's quite interesting.

4 thoughts on “How do Photographers Remotely Capture the Space Shuttle?”

  1. Having done a few of these, also from the swamp, he leaves out one key ingredient. Just using a mike trigger might not work because of the security helicopters that can circle. You need a timer to turn on the mike trigger.

    You might also go back to pick up your gear to see an alligator snuggling up to your tripod.

    Stan Rowin

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