Photo Restoration Contest Winners [Announcement]

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This month we invited the Improve Photography community to participate in a photo restoration contest.

We uploaded several old historic photos and participants had the opportunity to download and edit the photos to restore them however they deemed appropriate.

There are three categories in the contest: Best overall edit, best historical restoration, and most realistic edit.

Overall Winner

Robert Waller was the overall winner of the contest.  We were open to either a historical restoration or more dramatic and realistic photo, but in the end this photo was our favorite.  It was difficult to choose the overall winner because there were so many excellent choices.

Here is the before and after of Robert's restoration.

Overall Winner

Overall Winner

Best Historical Restoration

In the historical category, entrants were asked to restore the photo with as little interference with the photo as possible.  Colorization, drawing in detail, and other dramatic edits were not allowed in this category.

In the end, the winner was Martin Feeney.  He did an excellent job restoring a photo that had been mistreated and torn over many many years.

Best historical edit - Martin Feeney

Best historical edit – Martin Feeney

Most Realistic Edit

This category was open for all colorizations, drawing in detail, and any other editing technique you can imagine.  Most of the entries in the contest were in this category, but in the end we chose this photo by Daralyn Davidson.

Most realistic photo winner

Most realistic photo winner

Thank you to all who participated in the contest.  Winners, please email us at to claim your prize!

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  1. Congratulations, Robert. I would love to be a fly in the room and watch you create such a beautiful restoration.

  2. Congratulations Robert! You did an amazing job with the Photo Restoration pic! 🙂

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