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How you can get more creative in your photography even when you feel like you're in a rut is one thing we discuss this week.  Also, Jim discusses his photography trip down to southern Utah where he learned a lot of new photography tips.

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Guide to Episode 19

[:30] Registration is now open for online photography classes

The Beginner and Intermediate Online Photography Classes start on Wednesday!  Registration is still open for the classes by clicking this link.

Jim and Dustin have done a lot of work in moving the online classes over to their new site at PhotoClasses.com.  The classes have not increased in price, but there are now a TON of new features added to the classes.

Jim and Dustin are really excited to announce that they are now offering online classes in Photoshop!  They've been working on this project for a long time, so they are thrilled.  You can register for these classes at Photoclasses.com.

[4:30]  Do you need a watermark to copyright your photo?

First of all, the watermark is completely different than copyrighting your photo.  In most countries, merely taking the picture automatically attaches copyright to the creator.  The purpose of a watermark is merely to remind people of this fact and to encourage them NOT to take it.

Most of the time, watermarks take away from the photo and distract the viewer, but it can be done well.

[8:45] The weather in the U.K. is often gray and overcast.  How can I get good photos even with gray skies?

Landscape photographers LOVE having clouds in the sky because they add more interest to the sky.  However, if the clouds aren't spotty but are just a sheet of gray, it isn't as interesting for a photo.  However, a sheet of gray clouds is the PERFECT situation for shooting portraits because it diffuses the sunlight.

If you are shooting landscapes, you might consider using Photoshop to switch out the sky from a different photo, or put the sky at the top of the frame to cut most of it out and focus on the foreground.

[16:00]  What's the best way to sell used gear?  

Jim likes selling on Amazon because then you don't have to worry as much about security or meeting a random person and dealing with a lot of money.  He's had bad experience selling on Craigslist, so he likes selling online.

Dustin likes using eBay and reminds people to take the money in cash instead of check.

[18:40] I'm bored with learning the technical side of photography.  How can I get inspired?

Dustin points the listener to this article that he wrote about how to get out of a creative rut in photography.

Jim says that the camera duel has been something that has really helped him to be inspired and try new photographic techniques.

Last week he shot with Jeremiah Barber (click to see his portfolio), a really amazing landscape photographer, who got him inspired to learn more about time lapse photography.  Jeremiah is shooting timelapse videos on a long rail system with a motor which moves the camera an inch between each shot so that it looks like a smooth pan when the stills are put together in a video.

[25:02] What softbox kit do you recommend?

Jim recommends this affordable continuous lighting kit that includes a softbox, but reminds the listener that continuous lights generally aren't bright enough for shooting outdoors or in bright rooms.

If you're looking for a softbox for your speedlight, they recommend getting this softbox for basic on-location flash photography.

[29:35] What full-frame Canon camera would you recommend for shooting motocross?

There are three current full-frame Canon cameras.

The Canon 1DX costs about $8,000 but is probably the best sports camera on planet earth right now.  But…. it's expensive!

The Canon 5D III costs about $3,500 and is a nice sports option because it has a decent frame per second rate.

The Canon 6D is less expensive at $2,300 but the frames per second is a bit low for shooting sports.

[34:00] Prizes for reviews!

The winner is chaovizua.  If that's your username on iTunes, email Jim at [email protected] to get your free online photography class.

To be entered to win the online photography class each week, simply go to this podcast on iTunes and write a one or two sentence review.  While they appreciate a a 5-star review, any review will get you entered to win a class for free (a $98 value).

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