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One of the first things you learn about photography is the importance of good lighting. This is especially true when shoting indoors.

If you regularly take photos of yourself, your home, or perhaps items for a business, you will need some very good lighting. 

One of the best ways of improving lighting is with a softbox light. This is, as the name suggests, a light that sits inside a material made from a soft material.

Softbox lights will provide a much softer and more even light than will be provided in a room. This isn’t the same as just shining a lamp on something.

A softbox casts a gentle and natural-looking glow.

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So, if you want to be able to take photographs in soft, natural lighting all year round and at any time of day, a softbox is for you.

But, as with any kind of technical equipment, there are a lot of accessories that you will also need. So a softbox lighting kit is your best option.

To help you find your perfect glow, we’ve put together this list of the best softbox lighting kits available.

Read on for some great, easy to use kits, as well as some tips and advice for the buying process.

Need to get that shoot done ASAP and don’t have time to browse? No problem, here’s our top pick for the best softbox lighting kit.

Best Softbox Lighting Kit – Comparison Table

Best Softbox Lighting Kit – Reviews

Our Pick
YICOE Softbox Photography Lighting Kit Professional Photo Studio Equipment 20'X28' Studio Photography Light with 5700K Energy Saving Light Bulb for Filming,YouTube Video,Model,Advertising Shooting
Our rating:

Dimensions: 20” x 28”

Our top pick for the best softbox lighting kit is this option from YCOE. You get a lot of accessories for an affordable price.

Plus the technical abilities are much more advanced than a lot of other softbox lighting kits on the market.

This is a great option if you’re looking for something that can provide more than just natural lighting.

The bulbs in this kit are easily adjustable. Not only can they be dimmed, but they can also be set to 3 different color modes.

These modes are white, warm white, and warm yellow.

So you will be able to alter the lighting to suit the natural light that you’re working with.

If you regularly photograph people, you will also be able to adjust the lighting to suit people’s hair color and skin tone.

The color temperature of these bulbs can also be adjusted from 2800K to 5700K. The dimming feature also allows you to adjust the brightness from 1% to 100%.

All of these options can be altered using a remote control. This is useful whether you will be working behind or in front of the camera.

You will be in complete control and can easily switch between options.

You won’t have to keep physically changing or altering the lightbulbs which will save a lot of time.

The boxes can also be adjusted. They can be rotated up to 210°. This, of course, will need to be manually adjusted.

The stand can also be manually adjusted to different heights.

  • Includes carry case
  • Option to change the light to 3 different hues
  • Remote control
  • Carry case included
  • Energy-saving bulbs
  • Affordable
  • No Cons

MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting Kit Photography Studio Light 2x50x70cm Professional Continuous Light System with E27 95W Bulbs 5500K Photo Equipment for Filming Model Portraits Advertising Shooting
Our rating:

Dimensions: 20” x 28”

This is a very simple but essential softbox lighting kit. The kit is available with either 2 or 3 lights. Each with either 95W bulbs or corn bulbs.

The stands of these lights are adjustable. They can be raised to 27”, 52.5”, and 80”. These are useful heights but a little restrictive.

Only 3 height options is a little limiting. So it’s important to consider exactly what you will be photographing and what you need from your lighting.

The boxes themselves are made from nylon. They feature a stone pattern reflector and a diffuser. This diffuser is made from a high-quality PET fabric.

A diffuser isn’t always needed and the diffuser on this box can be easily removed.

The bulbs included are very high quality. They are 95W bulbs that can reach up to 80% energy.

They feature a natural daylight hue which is exactly what you want from a softbox.

The box can be rotated up to 210°. This will be incredibly useful for altering the aim of the light.

But it also means you won’t have to move the entire light – with a stand – whenever you want to change the lighting.

This kit also usefully comes with a carry case. This might seem like an obvious addition but it isn’t always included in kits.

This is perhaps one of the reasons that this kit is a little more expensive than other options.

It isn’t a huge difference in price compared to other options available, and you do get good quality for your money, but it is on the pricey side.

  • Sets of multiple sizes available
  • Multiple styles/colors available
  • Carry case included
  • Expensive

RALENO Softbox Photography Lighting Kit 20'X28' Photography Continuous Lighting System Photo Studio Equipment with 2pcs E27 Socket 5500K Bulb Photo Model Portraits Shooting Box
Our rating:

Dimensions: 20” x 28”

This is a very basic softbox lighting kit but that isn’t a bad thing. This kit has all of the essentials.

It’s a great option if you’re just starting out with adjusting your photographs’ lighting.

You don’t need anything fancy if all you want is to improve the lighting of your photos.

The boxes themselves feature PET fiber diffuser panels and heat-resistant Nylon reflectors.

These are very standard and are to be expected of any softbox lighting kit. Although this kit is basic, it is of high quality.

There are some kits with more accessories included for the same price but they are not necessarily better value for money.

It’s a good idea to invest in a good quality basic set when starting out. Then you can build from there.

It’s much better to start small and simple. Then you can learn and invest in more complicated kits later on.

  • Energy-saving bulbs
  • Flame retardant
  • Includes carry case
  • Expensive

EMART Softbox Lighting Kit with Reflector, 24'x24' 1000W Photography Soft Box Continuous Light Set with Photo Studio Bulbs, Professional Camera Light Equipment for Video Recording, Filming, Podcast
Our rating:

Dimensions: 24” x 24”

This is another pretty basic and simple softbox lighting kit but the softbox lights themselves are a little smaller than average.

This means that the light won’t be cast quite as far as other options on this list. But, the lights are powerful and are 1000W.

This means the light given off will be smaller, brighter, and more direct. This softbox will be better suited for photographing items.

Although the lightbulbs are strong they are still energy-saving. They are, however, only available in a bright white color.

This is intended to mimic natural bright daylight. But there is not the option to dim or alter the lights.

The box can be rotated 210degrees which is very standard. This is a simple kit that is of good quality But it is a little more expensive than others.

Especially those that have more sophisticated styles. But, if the size and bulb wattage are better suited to your needs, this kit is still a very good choice.

This kit also includes a large carry bag.

  • Includes carry bag
  • Energy-saving bulbs
  • Durable
  • Easy to control on/off switch
  • Expensive

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Dimensions: 19” x 19”

These softbox lights are quite a fair bit smaller than other options. They also have a square shape which is a little unusual, compared to the more standard rectangular shape.

The LED light bulbs included in this set are of great quality and cast a bright light. They also claim to last for 25 years.

This is very impressive for a lightbulb but very useful.

This durability is likely based on limited use, rather than continuous use from a normal lightbulb.

LED lights aren’t very commonly found in softboxes. Most softbox kits will feature CFL bulbs. These are more like a standard lightbulb that you would find in your house.

This is why the bulbs will last such a long time. LED lights will last a very long time.

  • Choice of 2 different bulbs
  • Energy-saving bulbs
  • Long-lasting LED bulbs
  • Affordable
No products found.

Best Softbox Lighting Kit – Buyers Guide

What You Need in a Softbox Lighting Kit

When it comes to photography equipment, there are quite a few accessories to consider when it comes to softbox lighting.

But don’t get overwhelmed, you don’t need to buy absolutely everything that is suggested to you.

The most basic essentials you need with a softbox lighting kit:

  • 2 x Bulbs
  • 2 x Softboxes
  • 1 x Stand
  • 1 x Carry Bag

There are more technical options available. But, if you’re just beginning to use softboxes in your photography, you don’t really need more than this.

Square vs Rectangular

As you will have noticed on this list, softboxes come as square or rectangular. But how will they differ and which is the best shape for your work?

There isn’t a huge difference between square and rectangular softboxes. They are designed to mimic sunlight coming in through a window.

This is the reason for the overall square or rectangular shape of softboxes. But the main difference is how the light will be cast.

It’s not very complicated but a rectangular softbox will cast a longer and taller light. A square softbox will cast a more even light.

So your decision should depend on the kind of photos you want to take.

If you want to produce dramatic and artistic photos that will play with the lighting and shadows more, then a rectangular softbox is a great idea.

But if you want more direct and even lighting, then a square softbox is the best choice for you.

Colored Lights and Dimming

Most softbox lighting kits are pretty simple. But there are some that have multiple lights of different colors and some with the ability to dim.

This is great if you will be recording yourself for videos or taking photos of yourself. It will allow you to alter the lighting depending on how the real daylight outside is.

If you’re sitting in a room filming when the sun suddenly goes behind the cloud, even with a standard bright softbox, this will be noticeable.

But with a dimmer, you will be able to make the lights brighter or darker as needed.

Dimmers are also usually controlled with a remote. This is not always the case but remote controls are very useful. Especially if you are filming or photographing yourself.

You don’t want to have to keep getting up to alter the lights yourself.

As well as dimming, some softbox lighting kits come with different colored bulbs. These aren’t very different colors as most are variations on white or orange.

These are really useful as they will allow you to choose either a bright light or a warmer light. This means you can alter the lighting depending on the natural lighting in the room.

But also the skin tone, hair color, and other factors of you or whoever you are shooting.

Why you Should Buy a Softbox Light

Softbox lighting is one of the most popular lighting options for photographers. In fact, many photographers consider them to be essential.

A softbox is a way of using a direct light source but softening it. A softbox will also make the light appear bigger.

This is why small bulbs (in comparison to the size of the box) are used. The box projects the light over an area. Then the filter and diffuser soften the light.

This gives you more control over your light source. If you use a bare bulb, or even the sun, your light source is direct and limited.

A softbox spreads out the light and is adjustable. Being able to adjust your softbox is essential. Otherwise, there is little point to it. Make sure to find a softbox light that will allow you to rotate the head at least 210°.

The stand should also be adjustable. You will need to be able to adjust the height of the softbox.

Some lights will allow you to set the height at only certain stages whereas others will allow you to set it at any height. Try to find one that gives you the most freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is softbox lighting used for?

Softbox lighting can be used for a range of photography and filming. They will provide natural light for you to shoot under.

They are designed to mimic daylight coming in through a window. So they allow you to shoot in daylight at any time of the day or night.

You can use a softbox to brighten up the shoot and provide a direct light when shooting products.

Or you can use them to play with the casting of light and shadows on more artistic shoots.

Whatever your style, if you want to make the most of your photos or videos and need better lighting, a softbox is a great option.

What’s better, softbox or ring light?

If you have done some research into lighting, ring lights and softboxes are probably the kinds that you have come across the most.

But ring lights and softboxes provide very different effects. A softbox, as the name suggests, provides a soft glow of light.

Although the brightness is usually adjustable, a softbox will highlight the shadows more.

A ring light, on the other hand, will cast a much brighter light. They are also, usually, adjustable. But ring lights will lighten the entire space.

A softbox can be used for close-up shots or wider shots. Whereas a ring light is best suited for close-up portraits or for photographing physical items.

If you are shooting products for a business and want something bright and eye-catching, then a ring light is your best option.

But, if you want to take flattering and artistic shots of people, then a softbox is your best choice. They will be better suited to different skin tones and hair colors.

They won’t cast as bright or intense a light. So it will be better to play with the effects more.

Where should softbox lights be placed?

This depends on what you’re photographing. The main difference depends on whether you’re photographing an item or a person.

It also depends on the kind of aesthetic you want to go for.

Generally speaking, the more direct the light, the brighter the photograph. But the beauty of a softbox is that it allows you to play about with shadows.

A good softbox will allow you to rotate and alter the box. This means that you can aim the light away from the sitter’s face in order to cast a shadow or alter the effects of the light.

The best thing to do is to mess around and have a go. Practice makes perfect.

This is very true in photography as practice will allow you to find what works and (just as importantly) what doesn’t work.

So, before trying to do a big shoot, try photographing lots of different items and people. Aim the light in different directions to try things out.

You will be able to work out how it all works. Plus, you will be able to find your own style. Rather than thinking about what you’re “supposed to” be doing.

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