How to Add Flavor to Your Landscape Photography

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Daytime photography

BORING! – Jim Harmer

Landscape photography can be difficult because it is so dependent on nature.  Even if the photographer takes a photo that is technically perfect, it may still look boring if the clouds and light aren't ideal.  If this has happened to you, then consider an experience I had a couple years ago.

I had just moved to Naples, Florida and wanted to shoot the scenery.  I found a beautiful area of the city called the Bayfront and wanted to take pictures of the buildings reflecting in the water.  I went and took the pictures and was disappointed that the photos were a bit boring.

I was determined to get a quality photo of the area, so I returned later to try again.  I shot at sunset and still got poor results even with the golden sunset lighting.  I stayed and shot the same area until it was dark.  Suddenly my boring photos took on a new life.

One thing you can learn from this experience is that night photography is a great way to add a little flavor to a landscape that has potential, but that you can't quite figure out.  Obviously night photography is no panacea for all landscape photography problems, but it is an oft-overlooked way to add drama to a scene.  I'm just suggesting that you give it a try the next time you run into a scene that you can't quite master.

Night photography

Beautiful! – Jim Harmer

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