7 Best Photography Business Podcasts

If you're like me then you are constantly seeking out sources of information to level up your photography.

There are plenty of podcasts out there that can help you take better photos, but what about those of us that want to build our photography businesses?

Whether you are just starting out or looking for that extra boost to your established business, try these 7 photography business podcasts to get your business moving in the right direction.

Portrait Sessions Podcast

Any article about photography business podcasts should start here with the Portrait Session Podcast. This show is part of the Master Photography network and is great for anyone who wants to know more about the business of taking photos of people. Whether that comes in the form of weddings, family photos, fashion, or anything in between, you will find some great business advice here. The hosts, Erica and Connor are both experienced portrait photographers and business owners and each bring their own unique experiences and points of view to the show.

Portrait Sessions recently switched to a seasonal format and their entire first season is all about the step by step process of starting a photography business. As someone who has has been running a part time business for a few years now, I still found tremendous value in listening to the entire season. You'll learn something in every episode no matter what your level is.

The second season is a deep dive into just about every specific genre of portrait photography. Each episode features a guest that is an expert in that particular genre. They dive into the characteristics of each type of photography that makes it unique and how you can make a living with that genre. This is especially useful as many of the other photography business podcasts on here focus on wedding photography.

Unique Feature: Almost every show ends with their “Sticking Points” segment where they invite a photographer to come on the show and share something that is giving them trouble in their business and try to solve that problem. The entire show is great but this segment can be especially helpful. Plus, I was one of the guests recently, so that has to count for something!


If you are serious about building a photography business, PhotoBizX is required listening.

The host, Andrew Hellmich, is a working wedding and portrait photographer from Australia. Every episode features a guest that is an expert in a specific thing. Sometimes that thing is a niche within photography and sometimes that thing is a specific business or marketing technique.

What makes this podcast stand out for me is the focus on taking action. A lot of other content sources focus on business and marketing theories, but Andrew makes sure every episode has something actionable. For example, last year he had a business coach on the show that talked about a specific Facebook Ad strategy that was working great for photographers. Instead of just leaving it at that, Andrew implemented the strategy in his own business and reported the exact numbers. After realizing how well it worked, he had that same guest on a couple more times for updates and a deeper dive into the strategy. I can say in my business, that strategy helped get a fledgling business up and running almost instantly.

If there's one podcast on this list that can have a direct and immediate effect on your bottom line, it's PhotoBizX.

Unique Feature: The Premium Members community is tremendous. For a monthly fee, you get extra podcast content, and access to a private Facebook group. The group is every bit worth the cost. Because every photographer within the group is (1) a photography business owner and (2) has paid to be there, it is extremely active and extremely helpful. No matter how small or large your photography business question is, you'll get a handful of helpful answers very shortly after posting.

The Business of Photography Podcast

The Business of Photography Podcast is a great all around photography business podcast. The hosts, Brian and Rob, mix a good balance of broader business theories and strategy with some actionable tips and tactics. Overall though, I would say it take a broader approach on photography business than the prior entry on the list, leaning more towards theory.

What Brian and Rob bring to this podcast is a great authenticity. They have a great handle on the pain points that photographers face and how to address those pain points. What The Business of Photography Podcast does best is problem solving. Each episode seems to address a specific problem that a photographer might face and some possible solutions to that problem.

Unique Feature: The hosts are also photographers and creators of the Sprout Studio Software. So if you are a user of that software (or other software that has similar features), then you'll get a lot of actionable tactics to help use technology to streamline your workflow and make your business more efficient.

Beyond The Image

Beyond The Image is a relatively new podcast and already one of my favorites. The host, James Patrick, is a successful sports and fitness photographer that has been featured in many magazines. He is only about 10 episodes into the podcast but it has caught my attention.

Unique Feature: This is one of the few podcasts I have found that comes from the perspective of a commercial/editorial photographer.

Six Figure Photography

The host, Ben Hartley, is all about growing your photography business to six figures. He brings a high energy, very excited, energy to Six Figure Photography. Whether that's your style or not, the content is very useful.

My favorite aspect of this podcast is the focus on the notion that just because you want to run a photography business doesn't mean you have to be a solo-preneur or a starving artist. Six Figure Photography has a good amount of content that can help you take your business to the next level.

Ben tackles topics like letting go of control of everything and outsourcing, building a multi-shooter studio, marketing for high end clients, and going for the big ticket print sales.

This is the perfect podcast for the photographer that get stuck thinking too small and needs some inspiration to go big!

Unique Feature: There is a companion YouTube Channel called Heart to Heart (a play on words with his last name) where Ben tackles some specific topics in more detail. Whereas the podcast is more guest focused, Heart to Heart is more of Ben's take on these topics. It is definitely an added value to the podcast.

Social Media Marketing Podcast

This one and the next one are not photography podcasts, but if you are a running a photography business, you should be listening to them.

The Social Media Marketing Podcast is hands down the best, most comprehensive, podcast on marketing online. It's almost unfair that the name has social media in it because there is so much value in this podcast for any type of online business marketing.

Now, because this isn't exclusively about photography, there may be a lot of content that you can't utilize directly in your photography business. But I would argue that it still has tremendous value to learn about all kinds of marketing.

Unique Feature: Every show starts off by identifying a program or app that can help marketers do what they do easier. Sometimes it's about organization, sometimes it's about making video posts for social media easier. You never know what it will help you with but just about all of them are pretty cool.

Duct Tape Marketing

Another one that is not about photography but has tremendous value for photographers is Duct Tape Marketing. The host, John Jantsch, is an author, speaker, and marketing consultant that specializes in assisting small businesses.

The reason I chose this podcast over some other general marketing podcasts is that focus on the small business owner. They tackle topics like local SEO, copywriting, Facebook ads, and a ton of other marketing tips, tactics, and strategies. But as the name implies, John comes at it from the perspective of a DIY small business owner that probably doesn't have a huge marketing budget or a marketing department to handle these sort of things.

Unique Feature: This one is here because I think the entire podcast is unique in that John tries to take everything from the perspective of the small business owner and frequently considers the long time business owner that may be set in his or her ways and is reluctant to approach more modern techniques like Facebook Ads or the like.

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  1. Hey Pete – thanks for including PhotoBizX in your roundup. Love that you’ve had similar success to so many other members with the Facebook Ads Strategy. If you sell online, let me know if you want to check out the Online Sales Course – listeners are having equally great success with that approach if they aren’t able to do IPS.

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