IP Roundtable – Big Announcement

Topic 1: BIG announcement about the network transforming to become the Master Photography Podcast network.

  1. Not happening because of a fight, or we hate each other
  2. Based on listener feedback, splitting the shows out to their own feeds again.  Can’t make everyone happy
    1. Master Photography Roundtable (take turns being at the round table)
    2. Photo Taco (Jeff)
    3. Portrait Session (Erica and Connor)
    4. Latitude (Brent)
    5. Thoughts on Photography (Brian)

Topic 2:

  1. Not a super simple thing to do technically, going to take a little bit of time and we are doing everything we can to make the transition smooth but there may be bumps.  3 goals with the transition
    1. Don’t make anyone have to re-subscribe (though will need to subscribe if you already unsubscribed from the other shows)
    2. Don’t have whichever podcatcher think there are suddenly a bunch of new shows to download
  2. New websites
    1. masterphotographypodcast.com
    2. Phototacopodcast.com
    3. Portraitsessionpodcast.com
  3. Where each host is going
    1. Brian
    2. Erica
    3. Brent
    4. Connor
    5. Jeff

7 thoughts on “IP Roundtable – Big Announcement”

  1. I was unhappy when the format changed last year. This change looks like a better one with the exception that Jim will no longer be directly involved. I’m thinking he will return. He’s just too good at this.

  2. I love what I have heard so far..the changes sound good. I am sorry but am a bit confused re: subscribing. How do I subscribe? Do I subscribe to each individual website? Or podcast? I want to listen to all the podcasts, where do I subscribe?
    ((I am not the most tech savvy individual:))

  3. I listen to every IP podcast and adore Jim Harmer and all the rest of the podcasters. I am really sad that Jim is leaving the podcast and hope he will return when he feels like this will fit into his life again. I trust that the other podcasters will take the helm and keep things as awesome as they are now. I am already registered for the IP Retreat for 2019 and am relieved that it won’t be impacted as well as the IP site itself. I wish everyone – especially JIM – the best as we move forward to this next chapter.

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