Is Lightroom CC Classic? (Photo Taco)

Jeff Harmon goes over the details about the two new Lightroom programs now available to Creative Cloud subscribers, the costs of the various Creative Cloud options, and a healthy number of bugs that have been reported making his recommendation be that photographers who need to get work done using Lightroom wait to update.

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Jeff’s Post-Retreat Workshop: https://www.jsharmonphotos.com/workshop


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8 thoughts on “Is Lightroom CC Classic? (Photo Taco)”

  1. I haven’t “upgraded” awaiting your review. Glad I didn’t. Thanks Jeff. I will be listening, hoping a “green light” isn’t too far in the future.

    1. @Lisa, with the release of Lightroom Classic CC 7.1 I have upgraded the status from WAIT to PROCEED CAUTIOUSLY. I am now able to use the application just fine with version 7.1 but there are many who have reported they continue to see issues. So backup your catalog first because once you update a catalog you can’t go back should you run into problems. Version 7.2 is about to be released where they are working very closely with Intel and promises to finally have addressed a long time issue with high powered Windows computers running Lightroom and having to restart the application in order to get it performing well.

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