IP Roundtable (EP-249)

What Happened?!

Sony a7r iii

Improvements to Lightroom Classic CC

  • Are its days numbered?
  • Embedded/Sidecar previews at import makes for a faster experience but we have to be told
    • Not Photo Mechanic fast, but better
  • Range Masking Feature in local adjustments is AWESOME
    • Artificial Intelligence Search feature is really cool (Are the days of keywording numbered?)
    • Surprised that the curves adjustment didn’t make it into the first release
    • I believe that future releases will address concerns held by many with working entirely in the cloudThe all-new Lightroom CC
  • LR vs Capture 1: first thoughts?


    • Looking for 8 people with something cool to share about photography
    • IP+ is about to get awesomer
      • Going to another country to spend 3 days with one of the most creative photographers on the planet to record a tutorial for IP+.  I’ll leave it at that for now 🙂  
      • I’m almost done with a new course called “Landscapes in Motion”
      • I’m also working on “Lighting in a Flash II”

    Doodads of the Week!

    • Brad: HotHands Hand Warmers Useful for all the traditional purposes PLUS keeping your lens warm while shooting in conditions where dew and/or frost can become a real problem.
    • Kirk: DecoColor Metallic Pen and melamine foam (magic eraser) for metal prints
    • Jim: Sony a7r iii

2 thoughts on “IP Roundtable (EP-249)”

  1. I think you are completely of base on new Lightroom cc. Without off line storage it’s a non starter since I think syncing to the Cloud is deathly slow for 80% of the US, also I can buy 4TB for $100 or 4x less.

    Also loosing hierarchical tagging and only one catalog is a non starter.for me because my wife and I have separate catalogs.

    Lots of other reasons as well but those are my top.
    Also I get unlimited cloud storage from backblaze for much cheaper.

  2. Jason Konarzewski

    I am a huge fan of IP. Been listening since the Dusty days. I have probably missed less than 5 episodes of IP ever. I have high respect for Jim, Jeff, Erica, Connor, Nick, Sandy, and Brian (may have missed someone). All that to say, I think this last episode 249 was a huge disappointment, mostly because of the co hosts. They clearly were not prepared and gave out wrong information. Jim did his best to correct. For example a 1 TB drive costs how much? I think he said like $400. That’s not even in the ballpark. Then one of the hosts said that they haven’t even looked at one of the major new features, but then went on to say that range masking is the same as auto mask. If you haven’t tried it, don’t talk about it and give wrong information. This is just two of the things, but the cohosts clearly did not have a grasp of the new Lightroom workflow. Lightroom just got updated for the first time in two years! Why was this episode not better prepared for? It’s one thing to incorrectly state something, it’s another thing to not be prepared and give out wrong information. We all make mistakes, and I will look past these and continue to listen to the show. Just please have the cohosts prepared to talk about the subjects, or just use the great cohosts that have done so great for many years.

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