Photo Taco – PhotoPills Tour

Jeff Harmon takes listeners on a surface level tour of the PhotoPills app with 5 stops on the tour:

  1. What does the PhotoPills app do?
  2. How photographers should learn to use the app?
  3. Why is the app called PhotoPills?
  4. What do each of the Photo “Pills” do?
  5. What are in the MyStuff and Academy sections of the app?

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4 thoughts on “Photo Taco – PhotoPills Tour”

  1. Hey Jeff, Love the photo pills tour and all the rest. The one area I’ve struggled with and am sure a lot of others have struggled is the proper care, cleaning and maintenence of our camera gear. Interestingly enough there are a few YouTube video but there is also a ton of garbage out there also.

    Since subscribing to improvephotography, and come to one very important conclusion, and that is you don’t lead people astray but try to carefully guide others with well researched and techniques that you yourself use.

    Hoping you can dive into some basics and maybe some beyond basics:

    Cleaning after a shoot
    Drying after getting hit with rain
    Filter care
    Lens care
    Body care and cleaning
    And most important, with so many people with multiple lens the does and don’ts on sensor cleaning

    Keep up the GREAT work!

  2. Hi Jeff –

    Loved the show, but the first thing you should remember about PhotoPills is that it’s for finding astronomy info, not astrology info. I think I noticed at least 3 times in the episode where you said “astrological” where you most certainly meant to say “astronomical”. (The last one was at 42:45.)

    I’m sure you know the difference – one is a science and the other is not.

    Thanks again for the great show!

  3. @Kirk,

    Yes, thanks. I meant Astonomical of course. A couple of missed letters do make a big difference. I’ll mention that at the top of the next episode.

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