Nightmare Clients (PS-99)

In Portrait Session Podcast by Jesse Park

Connor and Erica Discuss Nightmare clients, The importance of studying painters, and answer questions

  • Nightmare clients: Keep a lookout for telltale signs you have someone more trouble than they are worth and have the confidence to tell them no!

Studying Painters  Connor: I have been studying and love the work of Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt, and John Singer Sargent
Delphi Complete Works of


Annelise Spencer I have a few solo weddings coming up, and I feel slightly lost without Nick Page in the lead. How do you manage when you're shooting a wedding all by yourself? Any tips for anxious photographers?

Wojciech Rudobrody How much of a successful portrait photographer comes from their skill and how much from their personality/ability to connect to people they shoot?

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