Nightmare Clients (PS-99)

Connor and Erica Discuss Nightmare clients, The importance of studying painters, and answer questions

  • Nightmare clients: Keep a lookout for telltale signs you have someone more trouble than they are worth and have the confidence to tell them no!

Studying Painters  Connor: I have been studying and love the work of Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt, and John Singer Sargent
Delphi Complete Works of


Annelise Spencer I have a few solo weddings coming up, and I feel slightly lost without Nick Page in the lead. How do you manage when you're shooting a wedding all by yourself? Any tips for anxious photographers?

Wojciech Rudobrody How much of a successful portrait photographer comes from their skill and how much from their personality/ability to connect to people they shoot?

3 thoughts on “Nightmare Clients (PS-99)”

  1. That was brutal to listen to. Does Connor not know when to stop talking? The topic is dealing with nightmare clients and all you did was use the podcast as a sounding board for how ticked at a client you were. For a minute I forgot Erica was even there. And while the topic of using portrait painting as inspiration certainly seems helpful, Connor again loses me with his drivelous blather.

    Stop giving legal advice. You’re photographers, not lawyers and accountants.

    The content of IP’s shows has really begun to lose their luster ever since Connor joined the shows. He just talks too much and the message gets lost in the words.

  2. Appreciate this topic being brought up – have experienced 20 % of people inquiring showing head tell tell signs. Started listening to my intuition .
    I agree with Erin…Connor you are talking too much and you do not allow your cohost to speak enough. It is painful and I ended up reading the rest. You’ve a great voice, so please pace yourself and know that less is more 🙂

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