Long term Time Lapse with Charles St. Charles(EP-44)


where can people find the campaign and see your work.

What is the scope of the project

How many places

How many cameras

Over how much time

What is long format time lapse

What gear are you using, and how do you maintain it

How do you stitch it all together, what software are you using

How can people get involved


Charles’s Website   –   

You can find the Campaign Here  

2 thoughts on “Long term Time Lapse with Charles St. Charles(EP-44)”

  1. I couldn’t make it through this episode due to a constant rattling in the background. Maybe a child? I’ve never experienced a distraction like that before in an IP podcast. I can understand that all the hosts and guests are generally working from home and can’t ignore their families, however maybe there could be audio tests in the future to make sure there is not unwanted white noise in the background that could distract? I have also noticed as some guests call in, the sound can be very distorted (Art Wolfe interview as a great example). Hopefully something that can be worked on in the future.

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