Latitude: THE Travel Podcast (EP-4)

In Latitude Podcast by Jesse Park




1 In general, describe your photography, you do commercial work and workshops. How does that balance out for you? What does “travel outdoor photography” mean for you?

2 Tell us about your workshops. I see you have one to Olympic National Park that still has an opening, what can attendees expect to shoot and learn on that workshop?
Do you want to get into permitting for something like this?

3 Tell us about your Palouse workshop. It’s sold out this year, but that’s a popular destination. How long have you been shooting the palouse?
Will you do it again next year?

4 It looks like you do some weekend workshops as well. Tell us about those.

5 Let’s discuss printing and Canson Infinity papers for a moment. I LOVE the Baryta Photographique. Why did you settle on the Fibre Rag and the Photo High Gloss?
What printer do you use for printing?
Any tips for photographers struggling with their printing whether it be with a lab or using their own system?

6 Tell me about your stock sales on your website.

7 Back to travel photography, What’s your basic process for learning about a new area you’re looking to go and shoot? Do you always bring the “big guns” or do you sometimes focus purely on landscape?

8 Stories behind the images. Pick one or two and give us a sense of what it’s like to shoot these subjects
Polar bears
Rocky Mountain Front
Yellowstone Wolves and other wildlife


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