IP Roundtable (EP-219)


Topic 2: Brent – Photographing the Solar Eclipse of 2017





Basic Facts:

Happens August 21, 2017 at 17:16 UTC

Total duration for the shadow to travel across the continental US is about 1:33

States that will experience totality: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina.

Equipment Needed:

Solar Filter, Metal coated glass or black polymer (The type I bought) provides yellow or orange color

Mylar sheet makes the sun look white or blueish.

Long lens, a 500mm lens will create a 4.6mm circle for the sun. Somewhat small. However, at totality you’ll get the corona showing which will be a bit larger.

800mm lens should get you about 7.3mm circle for the sun.

Topic 3: Connor – I plan to shoot product using just one light

I was inspired by a recent post on our facebook group in which someone as talking about not being able to photograph bottles well because they didn’t have enough lights to do so. Now as a personal challenge to myself I have decided I am going to attempt to shoot a bottle using only one light to show that it can be done.
There are two ways I can think to go about this. The first is to use lots of bounce cards, reflectors and flags.

The second method I can think of using to get the shot is to composite a bunch of shots together with light painting. This is something I did during the retreat to light the car that Erica had rented for the studio shoot, so I figure if it worked there, it could work for this.

I intend to make some sort of video just showing the process as I do it as well as stream it on my new streaming channel twitch.tv/connorhphoto

Doodads of the Week!


  • Brent: Battery case for cell phone, charges while in the pocket!



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