IP Roundtable (EP-213

In IP Roundtable Podcast by Jesse Park

Topic 1:  Canon 77D Announcement

  • Digic 7 processor
  • 25,6k ISO
  • “Fastest Live View Autofocus”
    • 45 Point AF
    • Much better at low-light focusing (-3EV)
  • Jeff: I understand T7i, fine camera for someone starting out. Not enough to upgrade from T6i. Don't understand 77D at all???
  • Difference between 77D and T7i
    • interval timer
    • bulb timer
    • AF-On button
    • a top LCD panel
    • eye sensor to shut off the rear LCD when the camera is raised for shooting
    • 77d costs $110 more than the T7i
  • Canon announced 3 cameras on the same day, none shoot 4k video
    • 77D, T7i, M6
  • April 2017 for $900

Topic 2: Jeff – Wacom vs Huion Digital Tablet

  • Not completed review, have to spend a lot more time with Wacom
  • Initial reaction is not a lot of difference
  • Wacom has a little smoother feel
  • Wacom setup by default like I came to discover on my own with Huion
  • Wacom pen needs no battery
  • Suspect Wacom pen I am using is worn out – Connor

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Topic 3: Jeff – Shooting basketball

  • Been doing a ton of high school basketball shooting
  • Quick tips on basketball in particular
    • Shutter Speed at least 1/400
    • Aperture 2.8 minimum
    • ISO to compensate, crank it up! I have shot 6,400 and 8,000 on Canon crop. Only photographers see noise
    • Shoot close to but not on the baseline with the team you want to shoot coming toward you on offense
    • Be on the side of the basket so that you can see faces of right handed players
    • 24mm on Canon crop (about 40mm FF) enough room for team coming towards you
    • 70mm on Canon crop (about 112mm FF) not quite enough reach for other side of the floor
    • Basketball is a vertical game, shoot portrait orientation
    • Don't forget to get shots of student section, national anthem, cheerleaders, parents, huddle (Moses parting student section)


Question of the Week:

  • Jen Mangenello – I’m wondering how people are using the color labels in lightroom? Could some of you that find them useful share examples of how you’re using them?


Fascinating Number of the Week:

  • 15% stock hit, 9% reduced sales

Jim looking to hire more writers!

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