IP Roundtable (EP-213

Topic 1:  Canon 77D Announcement

  • Digic 7 processor
  • 25,6k ISO
  • “Fastest Live View Autofocus”
    • 45 Point AF
    • Much better at low-light focusing (-3EV)
  • Jeff: I understand T7i, fine camera for someone starting out. Not enough to upgrade from T6i. Don't understand 77D at all???
  • Difference between 77D and T7i
    • interval timer
    • bulb timer
    • AF-On button
    • a top LCD panel
    • eye sensor to shut off the rear LCD when the camera is raised for shooting
    • 77d costs $110 more than the T7i
  • Canon announced 3 cameras on the same day, none shoot 4k video
    • 77D, T7i, M6
  • April 2017 for $900

Topic 2: Jeff – Wacom vs Huion Digital Tablet

  • Not completed review, have to spend a lot more time with Wacom
  • Initial reaction is not a lot of difference
  • Wacom has a little smoother feel
  • Wacom setup by default like I came to discover on my own with Huion
  • Wacom pen needs no battery
  • Suspect Wacom pen I am using is worn out – Connor

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Topic 3: Jeff – Shooting basketball

  • Been doing a ton of high school basketball shooting
  • Quick tips on basketball in particular
    • Shutter Speed at least 1/400
    • Aperture 2.8 minimum
    • ISO to compensate, crank it up! I have shot 6,400 and 8,000 on Canon crop. Only photographers see noise
    • Shoot close to but not on the baseline with the team you want to shoot coming toward you on offense
    • Be on the side of the basket so that you can see faces of right handed players
    • 24mm on Canon crop (about 40mm FF) enough room for team coming towards you
    • 70mm on Canon crop (about 112mm FF) not quite enough reach for other side of the floor
    • Basketball is a vertical game, shoot portrait orientation
    • Don't forget to get shots of student section, national anthem, cheerleaders, parents, huddle (Moses parting student section)


Question of the Week:

  • Jen Mangenello – I’m wondering how people are using the color labels in lightroom? Could some of you that find them useful share examples of how you’re using them?


Fascinating Number of the Week:

  • 15% stock hit, 9% reduced sales

Jim looking to hire more writers!

Doodads of the Week!

6 thoughts on “IP Roundtable (EP-213”

  1. Hi Jim, you guys can stop with this trauma to physical sliders.
    MIDI2LR supports motorized Sliders and there are several affordable MIDI interfaces with motorized sliders comparible with MIDI2LR. Behringer BCF-2000 is one of the most popular models used for this purpose.

    The sliders automatically move to the correct position whenever you switch between photos.

    consider the highlights setting of photo A = 10 and of photo B = -10, once you change your selection from photo A to photo B, the slider will go from the position 10 to the position -10 automatically.

  2. Jeff,

    Last weekend I just finished reading a book on close-up/macro photography. One of the back chapters was on IS/VR lenses. The author suggested that with out IS/VR and hand holding one solution was to deliberately under expose by two stops. I was wondering in your indoor basketball shooting if you tried something like that to help. It could give you one stop of shutter speed and one stop of ISO. Since your pictures are noisy anyways because of high ISO and this would also add noise. But this noise would be from a different source and more controllable. I was just curious if you had experimented with that. This past summer I have shot mainly birds with my 7D2 and will sometimes use -1 EV to prevent blowing out birds with lots of white as the go in and out of the sun.

    I enjoy your podcasts and others on the network.


    1. I could see this being helpful if the camera is ISO invariant, but the 7DM2 is far from that. I have done testing and it is much better to crank up the ISO in Camera than to do it in post. The noise is far worse doing that.

  3. I was listening to a recent podcast in the car and now I can’t find the information I’m looking for. Someone mentioned teaching a class in graphic design for photographers at wallawalla community college. Wondering if anyone has that info?

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