IP Roundtable (EP-209)

In IP Roundtable Podcast by Jesse Park

Topic 1:  Out with old, in with the new.  What gear have we gotten rid of, and added for 2017

  • Nick has sold his phantom 4 drone, and replaced it with….
  • Selling off old gear is a great way to fund new gear, its amazing what you have laying around sometimes

Topic 2: Nikon coming to BrentRentsLenses.com

Brent has sold a few pieces of Canon gear to make room for some Nikon gear

Special pre-purchase offer: buy a gift card at a discount for future use. Discount code: gcpromo good through Feb 15.

At least two pieces of Nikon gear to be added to the inventory on Feb 16, ready to reserve. Shipments/deliveries by Feb 28. All depending on gear availability and shipping status.

If gift cards sell well, more Nikon gear will be added, kind of like a mini-crowd funded campaign. See blogpost for details: https://brentrentslenses.com/2017/01/19/adding-nikon/

Topic 3: New podcast coming by Brent Bergherm and Brian McGuckin

Brent and Brian are joining forces to create a new IP podcast dedicated to travel, photography and the joy of the journey.

Hoping to record our first show live in Pheonix.

Side note: Brent’s workshop in Phoenix has openings still. Log on and register. Planning to do environmental portraits with a glass blower and sunset at desert botanical gardens. Things still being planned.



Topic 4: The importance of drawing the eye, and how to do it

People often talk about “leading the eye through a photograph”  Often it can make or break a photo.  Here are some ways to help draw the eye through the photo.

  • Brightness and highlights grab the eye.   If you can manage to make a photo where the subject is the brightest part of the image, you win.
  • Sharpness.  Sharpness and detail also draw the eye.  This is why shallow depth of field portraits are so successful and popular.. The eye goes straight to the subject.
  • Simplicity.  The more complex and crazy a photo is, the more the eye is going to tend to wander.  If you’re able to eliminate all the distractions and leave behind only enough to tell the story,… you win again.
  • Lines and shapes.   Lines that arrows that point out the subject… win again.

Topic 5: Getting “Film Emulations” in Sony Cameras.

Some custom settings

Basically a way to set custom curves and Color levels


Listener Questions


  • BJ Stockton      Do you have any good tips for post processing snow so that it doesn't look blue or gray?


  • Sarah Scully    I had a question yesterday about the best sites for uploading lots of images for sale. I am shooting for our swim team and end up with 300+ images after a meet. We are going to sell the downloads as part payment for me and part fundraiser for the team. Any input? I don't want to charge a ton because I would rather them but many photos:) Also, this is partially my volunteer job for the team. My kids are on the team.
  • Tim Gleason   Why does HDR processing often make images look like cartoons? How can I best prevent that?



$6500 lens

Want one.


Harvard class online PULLED from internet!!

Doodads of the Week!


  • Brent – Some type of camera protection, Zing Designs, Don’t have one but which I did.



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