Photographers Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday


It's that time of year when all you see and hear is “Black Friday sales…” followed by the latest huge TV or Smart Phone.  So what about us Photographers?  Where do we go for the best of the deals this weekend?  I asked a number of different Photography vendors and a few answered and a few said just keep check their sites and we will be surprised.  As you know when it comes to Black Friday some companies keep their sales a secret until the second it goes live.  While others start their Black Friday sales the Monday before Black Friday (I know right how is that a Black Friday Sale?).

Improvephotography.com Lightroom Steal

The first item I want to mention is Improvephotography's very own 2016 Lightroom Preset Steal.  I bought the 2015 Preset Steal last year and the low cost and what Jim offers it truly is a steal.  It's a really amazing price for a well-done bundle of tools and training videos for photographers.  Get the Lightroom Steal right here for the next 72 hours.


https://www.Amazon.com is the largest online retailer who has early sales going on now.  They have lots of camera gear of course basically everything you can find at all the major online camera sites.  However in my opinion the best deals you will find are all the non-camera items such as that new expansion hard drive or extra memory cards. There are also plenty of other hidden gems (and I mean hidden as you sometimes have to scroll through many items) such as tripods, background holders, reflectors, etc… Keep checking their site daily between now and Cyber Monday.



MagMod sale starts on Friday the 25th at 12:00 AM Eastern and will last through Monday, November 28th.  Orders over $100 get a free MagGrip or MagWallet + Save up to 20% + Free Shipping! Order in the first 12-hours on Black Friday and earn an extra $30 gift card to use towards a future purchase. See why many of the world’s best photographers use MagMod modifiers for their Speedlights.



I have written a number of articles about outsourcing your post processing and Rebooku is one of my favorite outsourcing companies.  They are offering 15% off of all orders and services from Friday the 25th through Monday the 28th.  Be sure to enter the code rbkblack15 on checkout https://www.rebooku.com


Maybe you are not ready to make that big investment in new gear but you still want to get your hands on a special lens or camera body just to try it out.  Check out all their special offers here: https://www.borrowlenses.com/content/specialoffers and be sure to use the code BF2016 when checking out.

Bay Photo

Prints, we all need to be printing photos every chance we can and while Bay Photo couldn't give me specifics they told me “This will be a great deal to deck your walls with as we kick off the Holiday Season!” Use this link https://www.bayphoto.com/specials/ starting on Black Friday 11/25/16 through Cyber Monday 11/28/16.

Datacolor Spyder

Have you ever sent off your files to the print labs and they came back not matching what you saw on your display?  Then you need to calibrate your monitor and Datacolor Spyder is one of the best tools on the market.  I myself use the Spyder 5 Pro and my prints have been looking great since I made the change.  Datacolor is not running a specific Black Friday/Cyber Monday special but they are running a good Holiday special.  Save up to $100 on Datacolor Spyder Color Management Solutions and Get a 90 Day Trial of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. Learn More:  https://spyder.datacolor.com/adobe-90-day-trial/

Powerex Rechargeable Batteries

Do you use speedlights?  Then you know how important AA batteries are and how hard it is to find a good rechargeables.  Be sure to check out the special for Powerex Batteries here: https://www.mahaenergy.com/tim?afmc=1f These are the lowest prices you will find on the top brand of batteries.

All the above companies responded to my inquiries for the article.  However there are many more sales to check out:




Canon USA


Small Business Saturday

We photographers are all basically a Small Business Owner so we should always support our neighboring small business as well.  If you are fortunate enough to have an actual brick and mortor photography store in your town be sure to visit them on Saturday.  There are many types of small businesses that help out photographers so check out the local frame shop, maybe you have a local printer or an independent craft shop.  Look around your area and see what small business you can support on Saturday.

Happy Holidays everyone and may you find yourself on the Nice list and not the Naughty list this season.

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  1. Mpix 50%off holiday cards

    From 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central) this Friday, you can save 50% on Holiday Cards with code blackfriday16. Send a spectacular greeting featuring your favorite family photos from the year. If you’ve had your eye on a special set of Cards, place them in your cart before the sale for a speedier checkout.

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