Photo Taco – Microsoft vs. Apple Hardware 2016

Jeff Harmon shares his thoughts on the hardware announcements made by both Microsoft and Apple in the last week of October 2016 and what it means to photographers.


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Macdaddy: Stuck between a rock and a hard place


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1 thought on “Photo Taco – Microsoft vs. Apple Hardware 2016”

  1. I wanted to chime in and send you a reply. (this must be one large taco to take 40 min lol)
    I do more than photography so I don’t completely fit your group of photographers. I do photo, video, graphic and web design.
    But I am a Mac person and have been for years. I am going to be switching to the surface line for a few reasons.
    I would easily want to pay the money for the top end of both of these products.
    The dial has a lot of useful features. You can use it to easily switch between all of the things you are doing.
    So essentially you can use it to switch between brushes, or opacity and all of that while you are working.

    My issue with the MacBook is that you have to have adapters for literally anything. If it is a pro product, and you need to be getting photos or videos off of your camera.. You cant. They don’t make cameras with USB-C (Yet)
    It also irritates me that Apple had 5 products that are out of date and they updated one. The USB-C ports don’t run at the same speed. The left ones are faster and the right ones are throttled.
    It was a little too much for me. I think the OLED panel is nifty, but to me, the Surface Studio is revolutionary.

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