Drone-A-Sode (IP EP-186)

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What drone to get

  • Phantom has sucky quality, but really capable drone
    • Overexpose
    • Bracketing
  • Inspire is too pricey, but $1,000 off now.  Inspire 2 to be released for Photokina?


  • Patterns on the landscape

Ipad vs Phone for a drone

  • Jim prefers a phone.  Ipad was too giant and inconvenient to bring.

Midroll: Squarespace


  • Basically illegal right now.  
  • Section 333 exemption is not worth going after
    • Available on the site
  • This fall it’s suddenly legal!

Nick’s points:

  • Overcoming noisy shadows in stills
  • Video for drones –  video settings and resolution
  • Useful accessories
    • Circ polarizer
    • Nd filter for video
    • Parabolic antenna booster
    • Pelican case for dji phantom 4

Jim: Location Finder

  • Toying with the idea for the last few YEARS, but it’s finally time.
  • Problems with the many attempts I’ve seen before
  • Mockups for the web version – ImprovePhotography.com/photolocations
  • First will have a way to submit.  I AM GONNA NEED HELP!
  • Web version completed when we have 2,000 locations worldwide
  • Phone app will commence when we have 6,000 locations worldwide
  • Those who submit will get a chance to advertise their website or that they offer daytrips in the area
  • What do we call this thing?
  • What do you think of the mockups?

Doodads of the Week!

  • Nick – Lume Cube
  • Jim – Control Shift T

1 thought on “Drone-A-Sode (IP EP-186)”

  1. Guys,
    Interesting, useful stuff as usual, but uncool and potentially illegal to disrespect wildlife. Even more uncool to condone such behaviour on your podcast.
    As landscape lovers you may want to pay more attention to the hawks, the slugs and the rodents that maintain those ecosystems beautifully for us.
    Perhaps think about how you can use your drones to combat poaching and other conservation work.

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