The Power of Luminosity Masks with Sean Bagshaw (TP EP-28)


  • Intro Brent Rents Lenses
  • What exactly is a luminosity mask
  • Are they worth the time and work
  • Luminosity masking vs HDR software
  • What can be done with luminosity masks
    • Contrast adjustments
    • Exposure blending
    • Color adjustments
    • Selective noise reduction and sharpening
    • Dodging and burning
  • How are Luminosity masks generated
  • Where can people learn more
  • Outro, where can people get in touch with you, see your work and upcoming workshops

Now Comes SpringGold RushThe Smoking Mountain



Sean’s website: www.OutdoorExposurePhoto.com

Sean’s Facebook: www.facebook.com/Sean.Bagshaw.Photography

Sean’s Twitter: twitter.com/SeanBagshaw

Sean’s 500px: 500px.com/sean_bagshaw

Tony Kuyper’s website: www.goodlight.us

PhotoCascadia: www.photocascadia.com


1 thought on “The Power of Luminosity Masks with Sean Bagshaw (TP EP-28)”

  1. Martin Anzaldo

    Great Show,Great Guest I will differently check out Sean’s tutorials ,there is much to learn to get my work to the next level.
    I save these podcasts on my phone for repeated playback. Great job.

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