5 Untold Truths About Photography Workshops (TP EP-24)

5 Untold Truths About Photography Workshops Segment

  • How much instructors actually make from a tour
  • Price out the trips
  • Photos don’t always tell the story of the workshop
    • Northern lights
  • Student to instructor ratio
  • Photographer you can actually learn something from — LOOK AT THE PORTFOLIO!!!!!  
    • Tour vs. workshop
    • Know what a location is
  • Legalities and permissions

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  1. I am listening to this podcast immediately after spending 4 days with Nick at the Palouse in and near Dayton, Washington. For those who haven’t done a workshop with Nick, you are missing a truly unique experience. He is entertaining, knowledgeable, energetic and is passionate about getting you to great places and helping you make awesome photos. Don’t hesitate to sign up for a workshop with him. You won’t be disappointed.

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