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  1. Really love the photo taco topic today. This WB thing is an issue with me. I try to get it right in camera each time but the WB always bites me. I hope I can work it now.

  2. Good stuff. In short though, you think its totally fine to do white balance in LR after the fact right? That’s what I’ve been doing and since I’ve never attempted to set WB in camera I’m not sure if I’m missing out on something.

    1. @Michael, we have tested this pretty well. Jim and Nick had a competition because Jim was convinced white balance could always be corrected in post and Nick thought that was only true with RAW. The testing proved it is only 100% fixable with RAW and JPEG is somewhere around 75%. I personally do all my white balance in post.

  3. In my opinion WB matters when you present many images together, let say in an event such as a wedding. If it is just one image we try to remember the scene and try to recreate what we think we saw, but it is also based on taste and what the photographer want the viewer to see or think. Then other topics are relevant such as monitor calibration etc.
    I was always wonder though even when shooting in RAW. What if we are in a warm environment and use WB that tells the camera it is very cold environment so that the camera will try to warm it even more. Can we recover those files? A slider let say in Lightroom can go so far.
    Great topics.

  4. I am a beginner photographer and absolutely love all your shows and appreciate how you break things down for us beginners. Keep up the great work.

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