Improve Photography Roundtable (EP-166)


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Welcoming Craig Stampfli to the Podcast today.



Website: www.stampfli.photography

Jeff – With Apple refreshes coming soon, nerd out on a couple of things coming that will help photographers (make Lightroom go faster)

  • Thunderbolt 3
  • M.2 SSD.  Totally different form factor of drives, same flash technology just connected to the computer in a way to actually make it go as fast as it can.  In some testing has promised significantly faster read/write speeds (2.5GB read, 1.5GB write) than the 2.5” SSD drives we are all using today, but in real life testing of “normal” disk usage it has been about 10% better.  I want to get one of these and test it out to see if the photography specific purposes it is better.
  • Speaking of flash improvements, Intel is working on a technology called X-Point (cross point) that it has tested to be 1,000 faster than the flash we have today.  So M.2 is faster because it is connected in a new way to make the existing flash go as fast as it can, but X-Point is a new type of flash that can go faster than the NAND tech in SSD drives today.
  • Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing).  https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/nuc/nuc-kit-nuc6i5syh.html

Craig- New techniques to try on a weekend, learn something new.

  • Star Trails – Star Stax free software.


  • Light trails, car lights at night.
  • Get up early (!) and shoot a sunrise, get that soft light and long shadows.
  • Shoot 12 exposures only with the rear LCD screen taped off, forces you to read the settings.
  • Focus stacking, what is it and how to do it? Prompt for Jim as I don’t know how to do it but want to learn.

Erica – Historical Photo Processing:  Wet Plate Collodion

  • Combined love for photography, history, and chemistry
  • Joys of trying something new (for me) but old (for the industry)
  • Greater appreciation for the art
  • Desire to learn more
  • The process
  • Workshops at UA Creative Photography & Training


Jim’s Segment

  • https://blog.instagram.com/post/141107034797/160315-news

Doodads of the Week!

5 thoughts on “Improve Photography Roundtable (EP-166)”

  1. Thank you for all the great content every week. I am an American currently living in Australia. I was excited to hear Craig on today’s podcast. There are no excuses when you live in a place with fantastic weather year round. Can you please post his website. Cheers, Jody

  2. Jim, really enjoyed your podcasts and reviews,, great to hear you are positive on the AF speed of the XPRO-2, anxious to read your tests with the 100-400mm for wildlife and birding. I hope to make a decision on this combo. thanks

  3. Jim, I cannot tell you how much I LOVE soft-touch shutter releases! All my dad’s old camera’s had them, and man- they look cool but they also FEEL cool!

    I have a Sony A7RII which doesn’t have the screw threads built in, but I DID find this company that makes them for cameras WITHOUT the threads, and it works like a charm. Now EVERYBODY can have cool red buttons (other colors, too).

    They’re called Lolumina, and if I had thought of it last week, I would have made that my Doodad!


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