Value Yourself (PS EP-49)

Erica and Nick talk about the importance of valuing yourself and your work.

So I have this problem. And I was wondering if anyone else has it. I have been doing photography for about 5 years. Everyone tells me I do a great job and they love my work. But I look at my work and I think to myself they are not the good.

I have this issue because of my overall need to be the best at everything no matter how hard I have to work to accomplish it.

  • comparing yourself to others
    • your full portfolio v. someone else’s highlight reel
  • comparing your new self to your old self
  • It’s important to not be content, but not be discouraged
  • spend some time analyzing your work…what do you like, what don’t you like.
  • identify your growth in every new photo
  • say something with your images

Lessons Learned  

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3 thoughts on “Value Yourself (PS EP-49)”

  1. My take is that I try constantly to improve and learn but in the end I want to develop my own individual style. Often I am very critical of my work also but I have learned to ask myself is it less technical because I have tried to express my story? The answer is often yes. So I have learned that others value my work because it is individual. Perfect shots that are textbook safe but say nothing are just that. Don’t sacrifice creativity for perfection.

  2. Excellent episode (as usual), Erica and Nick! It’s a great boost for people who often doubt themselves and keep their work hidden or being content don’t explore and learn further (funnily, I’m both at times 😀 ). Thanks a lot for coming up with this topic. Keep rocking!! 🙂

    PS: Nick, about your comment on Jake Olson’s fiasco, I 200% agree with you – except one thing. His tutorial SUCKS!

    Trust me, when i say this. I almost bought his tutorials last year (primarily inspired by his photos and the processing he’s done to them – they are good, but let’s leave it there), but then wanted to check a few free tutorials of his before punching my card. Oh boy, do they suck. Lousy audio, to the level that you can’t bare it beyond 10 mins. Add to it the constant image flipping that he does when he talks through the process. It appears that it’s a deliberate attempt to keep the knowledge away from the listeners. Esp., when he uses shortcut for a tool and starts using it, he seldom tells what he does, leaving the listeners wondering what the hell happened.

    When I was wondering whether that’s only for the “free tutorials” and his “paid tutorials” might be perfect, reading the comments from some of his customers confirmed it. (Don’t read his own site credentials. Read the comments on his YouTube videos – it’s pathetic).

    OK, sorry about my rant as well. Please don’t call him for an interview. He’ll only think that he’s being called because he’s famous. That’ll be a disgrace to this great community!

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