Chasing the Light with Mark Metternich (EP-17)

Guest: Mark Metternich


Chasing the Light with Mark Metternich


Our special guest this week is Mark Metternich.

Mark Metternich is a full time professional landscape photographer who spends most of his time living mobile on the road. Mark's passion for fine art landscape comes through in his work and has attracted a wide audience around the world and has won various awards. Mark spends over 300 days a year leading a unique brand of adventure photo workshop/tours across the western US and abroad.

Tips for on the road

On Mark’s workshops he recommends being flexible. You need to put your body where the stuff is happening (read: good light!)

Majeed recommends a Thermarest basecampo sleeping pad. When you’re out at remote locations, it’s important you get a good night’s sleep especially on longer trips.


Predicting weather:

Mark recommends looking at weather Trends.

Nick recommends learning how to read weather radar.

Looks for gaps on the radar.

Look for storms — shoot before and after.

“When it comes to landscape photography, you need to make your own luck. Put yourself in situations where you can become lucky.” – Nick

Majeed recommends uploading your best files to google drive or similar in the field in case you run into card failure, theft, or natural disaster.



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