Getting in the Mood to be Creative (TP EP-16)

When looking for compositions

  • Jim doesn’t necessarily follow the rule of thirds, but just tries to make sense of the pieces already available
  • Nick looks for leading lines
  • Majeed fill the frame

“Think like a painter. If you were painting this, would you include it?” – Jim

Vast landscapes and making a photograph

  • Rolling Hills in Palouse as a whole don’t make as interesting of a photo, but zooming in can help narrow the focus and create more visual interest
  • Get closer

For wildlife photographers

  • Nick recommends creating depth (foreground, midground, and background)

Advanced composition techniques such as Golden Spiral

Majeed and Jim agree it’s good to know these patterns so you can recognize them in nature, but they are not frequently found in nature.

“I want to make postcards, too. I just want them to be the first of it’s kind and original.” – Nick

“If you want to be original, be prepared to fail over and over and over before you find success once.” – Majeed

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  1. Hi Guys – WOW . I have been listening to IP For a while now, and I think this was one of the BEST to get my mind thinking on how to truly IMPROVE my photography ! Thank you !

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