39 Things To Put On Your Photography Bucket List

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I'm addicted to bucket lists.  I made one when I was 16 and it has made a big impact in my life.  A lot of my goals are photography-centric, which got me thinking about putting together a bucket list for photographers.  Here are some things that should be on your photography bucket list.

  • Photograph Iceland in a camper van for a week
  • Get the cover shot of a magazine
  • Photograph every sunrise and every sunset for a whole month
  • Go backpacking with your camera
  • Get your photo on a billboard
  • Shoot a film camera
  • Photograph a pro sports event from the sidelines
  • Go on a week long road/photo trip and make a photo book of the adventure (Thanks Frank Gomez for the idea)
  • Do aerial photography with a drone
  • Get 1,000 likes on a photo
  • Photograph Cuba (Thanks Cindy Eccles)
  • Take a wedding photography job
  • Become an Adobe certified Photoshop expert
  • Teach a photography basics class
  • Photograph your dream car in an epic location
  • Photograph for a charity like Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Help Portrait, etc.
  • Sell out on a limited edition print (Thanks Jennifer Thurston for the idea)
  • Own your dream camera
  • Photograph the northern lights
  • Sell a photo on a micro stock website like iStockPhoto, Fotolia, etc.
  • Photograph a baby in its first week of life
  • Get a gallery showing of your work in an art gallery
  • Take a photo that is beautiful enough that it makes someone cry
  • Photograph penguins in Antarctica
  • Print one of your photos, get it beautifully framed, and put it above the mantle in your home
  • Take a picture of someone using 5 flashes at once
  • Photograph 5 animals that could eat you (bear, lion, tiger, etc)
  • Print a calendar of your photos to represent each month
  • Photograph a model
  • Take a picture of your favorite city's skyline
  • Complete a 365 project
  • Get 1,000 followers on Instagram (and while you're at it, follow me @jimharmer)
  • Photograph every national park in the USA (Thanks Mary Mallnconico)
  • Sell a fine art photo to someone you've never met
  • Go on an African photo safari
  • Print a photo taller than you are
  • Take pictures of each member of your family
  • Do street photography of strangers in a major city

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  1. Wondering why 39, is that how old you are? I’m thrilled I can check off a few of yours (shooting for cancer charity, complete a 365, sell stock photo)! I am excited about your list giving me some new ideas. Your question on the fb group only made me think of locations! I’d like to travel more. I do have shoot the sunrise and sunset everyday for a month on my list. But in my mind it’d be a month long vacation somewhere epic.
    My favorite of yous is take a photo beautiful enough to make someone cry. That’s a perfect goal!

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