Best Mouse for Photo Editing (EP-158)

  • “After 11 years of growing ProDPI from our living room to where it is today, we have reached out to our friends at White House Custom Colour to purchase ProDPI. This will allow for us to focus on Magic Hour Foundation a non profit organization created to provide charitable photo sessions for cancer patients and their families.  The ProDPI brand will remain within the industry and your ProDPI experiences will remain the same, including Fuji Paper, ProDPI roes, ProDPI customer service and all other products and services. In the future, ProDPI staff will help transition production to WHCC in order to benefit from the throughput, scale and expertise of their facilities and staff.”
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7 thoughts on “Best Mouse for Photo Editing (EP-158)”

  1. Btw xpro2 does have an electronic view finder. You can use the hybrid optical, and you can easily switch to normal electronic view finder. So no worries 🙂 Fuji xpro1 was the same.

  2. I use a Logitech ball mouse which is usually for gaming but works great for photography post processing. The ball is large but it still gives great control.

  3. If you would like to save your wrist you may want to look at the Evolent vertical mouse. Takes a little getting use to, but once you do you never go back and your wrist will thank you every day as you operate it in a natural fashion.

  4. As others have commented, the user of the X-PRO2 can easily switch between OVF and EVF using a little lever in front of the camera. When in EVF mode, the view is exactly as the sensor would see it. I believe this is the case of all Fuji X cameras that have hybrid VF system, such as the X-PRO1, X100, etc.

  5. I much prefer the Kensington Expert Trackball. You never have to worry about your desktop’s surface area, and the large ball is excellent for small, precise movements. The Wacom tablet is better, but not a mouse.

  6. I agree with Roger on this one. Wacom tablet is the way to go. It takes a little getting used to but for image editing it’s worth it.

    I had a teacher once ask me “Would you rather draw with a pencil or with a bar of soap?” Kind of funny I know but I went out the next day and purchased and Wacom Intuos tablet and now can’t see myself editing images without one. Love it!

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