1 thought on “Photo Taco – Lenses on Crop Sensors”

  1. OK Jeff, first off I enjoy listening to your podcasts, but I think you may have muddied the waters a bit on the part about crop factor and compression. In fact, it might have even been a bit misleading. The short answer is that crop factor does not affect compression at all. Compression depends only on the distance from your subject. When you use equivalent lenses, cropped vs. full frame, to get the same composition in your shot, you will be standing the same distance from the subject. This means the compression will be the same. For that matter, changing focal lengths won’t change compression as long as the subject distance is the same. The reason longer focal lengths are more flattering is because the subject is usually farther away from the camera. Might be worth revisiting in a future podcast. Again, I enjoy your show(s), thanks for your efforts.

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